At its latest Beatup, Civil Beat transformed its newsroom into a courtroom, where Hawaii State Bar Association President Hugh Jones, Former Hawaii State Attorney General Michael Lilly and former Bar President Douglas Crosier made their pitch to an audience of inquiring legal minds for how the bar association should handle judicial nominations. The evening was moderated by Civil Beat Reporter-Host, Michael Levine.

We were gathered to discuss the process of judicial nominations and the role of the Hawaii State Bar Association. What are the criteria? How does the process work? Why is it confidential? The session was prompted by the controversy over the decision by the board of the bar association to rate Supreme Court Justice nominee Katherine Leonard unqualified.

The Beatup began like all the others, guests walking in and greeting one another while snacking on crackers and cheese. I had the notion to tell a few lawyer jokes but I quickly came to my senses and decided to work on the live-stream instead. After everyone got acquainted and most of the fruit and veggies were gone, we sat down for the hearing.

When we launched the live-stream, we were surprised to find a local Hawaii resident watching from his hotel in India! There were viewers from around Hawaii and parts of California as well. Here are some key excerpts and the entire program is at the bottom of this article.

Jones explains the association’s role and process

Lilly explains his concerns

Jones speaks to gender

John Temple asks about confidentiality

Crosier explains how the process came about (turn volume up)

Full-length broadcast of the entire discussion

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