When it comes to raising money, two Honolulu City Council candidates have shown they have a certain financial touch this election season.

The golden touch, if you will.

District 4’s Stanley Chang and Rich Turbin have together received a third of a million dollars, $333,061. Chang has totaled $139,957 to date and Turbin, $193,104.

Both of the candidates led the money race during the first reporting period between Jan. 1 and June 30, and they kept the momentum going for the second filing period from July 1 to Sept. 3.

Turbin has raised more money alone than Chang and the five other candidates in the District 4 race. District 4 is the Kahala/Hawaii Kai area.

Chang raised $47,523 between January and June and added $25,817 to his total between July and September.

But Turbin expanded his edge in the second reporting period. He outraised Chang by about $16,000 in the first six months of the year, but only by loaning his campaign $40,000 on the last day of the reporting period. In the period from July 1 – Sept. 3, he raised $39,000 more than Chang. Turbin brought in $63,968 in the 1st period and $64,788 in the 2nd.

Jeremy Low has raised $27,602 to date, placing him in a solid but distant third position in the district.

Regardless, it seems likely that the seat that was once occupied by Rep. Charles Djou will see Turbin and Chang duke it out for the majority of votes.

And if the candidates are planning on a last-second push before the Sept. 18 primary, Turbin has the clear advantage in terms of cash on hand.

He has $125,927 currently at his disposal as opposed to Chang’s $16,518. (Unless someone wins more than 50 percent of the votes in the primary, the two leading candidates advance to the Nov. 2 general election.)

The District 2 (northern Oahu) race also has two competitors who are the obvious financial leaders.

Ernie Martin and John White are both firmly ahead of Ben Shafer, who did not report any campaign contributions.

According to the Campaign Spending Commission’s candidate filing reports, Martin collected $27,015 between July and September, bringing his total funds to $66,388. He also has $10,907 on hand.

White, whose finances for the second reporting period were not yet listed by 6 p.m. Wednesday, is still in a firm financial position even if he hasn’t raised another penny since June 30. In the first filing period, Jan. 1 – June 30, White raised $47,523.

District 6 (urban Honolulu), with 10 candidates vying for the seat, has a more even playing field when it comes to money raised but again, two candidates do lead the way.

Larry Fenton, Shawn Hamamoto, Bob Vieira and Chris Wong have all raised thousands of dollars, but Frank Lavoie and Sesnita Moepono are on top.

Lavoie has raised $41,188 to date and had $28,222 on hand. He raised more money during the 2nd filing period than the first, bringing in $25,280 and $15,908, respectively.

Moepono is not far behind though. While starting slow, raising only $254 in the first filing period, she had a huge July through September, raising $30,964. Her total to date is $34,933, and she had $8,664 on hand.

Breene Harimoto, who is running uncontested in District 8, also raised money during the 2nd reporting period despite having no competition in the race.

He has raised $7,992 to date and had $6,383 on hand. Harimoto has spent $1,609 since July 29 on “signs,” “deposit tickets,” and “advertising.”

The table below shows how much money candidates (who reported) raised in the 1st reporting period, the 2nd reporting period, their total receipts and their cash on hand to date. Note that the table does not include cash on hand prior to the Jan. 1 filing period or any loans taken out by the candidates.

Name, District Receipts Jan. 1 – June 30 Receipts Jul. 1 – Sept. 3 Total receipts Cash on hand as of Sept. 3
Ernie Martin, D-2 $36,673 $27,015 $66,388 $10,907
Ben Shafer, D-2 No Record No Record No Record No Record
John D. White, D-2 $47,523 No Record No Record No Record
Shari Berinobis, D-4 No Record $2,470 $2,470 $928
Stanley Chang, D-4 $47,335 $25,817 $139,957 $16,518
Makani Christensen, D-4 No Record $200 $200 $31
Frank Degiacomo, D-4 No Record No Record No Record No Record
Carl Higashi, D-4 No Record No Record No Record No Record
Jeremy Low, D-4 $16,485 $11,118 $27,602 $17,421
Rich Turbin, D-4 $63,968 $64,788 $193,104 $125,927
Larry Fenton, D-6 $500 $2,293 $2,793 $383
Tim Garry, D-6 No Record No Record No Record No Record
Shawn Hamamoto, D-6 $4,838 $2,920 $10,785 $542
Frank Lavoie, D-6 $15,908 $25,280 $41,188 $28,222
Carlton Middleton, D-6 $75 No Record No Record No Record
Sesnita Moepono, D-6 $254 $30,964 $34,933 $8,664
Dennis Nakasato, D-6 No Record No Record No Record No Record
Tulsi Tamayo, D-6 $16,680 No Record No Record No Record
Bob Vieira, D-6 No Record $10,249 $10,249 $0
Christopher Wong, D-6 $13,665 $2,848 $16,513 $289
Breene Harimoto, D-8 No Record $7,992 $7,992 $6,383
Total: $263,904 $213,954 $554,177 $216,215