The City Council will be hearing proposed amendments to Bill 39 — a measure that would regulate sidewalk use — Tuesday afternoon at Honolulu Hale.

The bill, which is intended to keep city sidewalks safe and clear, particularly for people with disabilities, would also effectively prohibit homeless people from sleeping or setting up camp on and around sidewalks.

Proposed amendments to Bill 39, introduced by Councilwoman Ann Kobayashi, would target sidewalks in “urban zones” — neighborhoods with heavy concentration of homeless people such as Waikiki, Ala Moana, downtown, Kakaako, Kalihi and the McCully-Moiliili-Makiki area.

The urban zone regulations would apply to sidewalks “on both sides of the streets, avenues, boulevards, highways, roads and drives described within those districts.”

The districts themselves would be specifically dileneated.

For example, in the case of downtown, the district is described as “the area bounded by the south bank of the Nuuanu River, Nimitz Highway from the south bank of the Nuuanu River to its junction with Punchbowl Street, Punchbowl Street to its junction with the H-1 freeway and the H-1 freeway to the south bank of the Nuuanu River.”

The amendments to Bill 39 also propose the measure apply to “replacement sidewalk,” i.e., “a pedestrian passageway that crosses private property pursuant to a public easement, usually resulting from obstructions on public land that require pedestrians to pass across adjacent private property.”

As well, the revised bill deletes a requirement that the city’s Department of Facility Maintenance mark the boundaries of the proposed “pedestrian use zone” and provide signage explaining the law.

Bill 39, which is scheduled to be heard Tuesday afternoon in the council’s public infrastructure committee, is supported by three state senators and four state representatives whose districts include sizable homeless populations.

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