Wow, election day is here.

As Hawaii’s new online news service, Civil Beat has been waiting for this day to come. It may sound strange, but we live for this stuff. To celebrate, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we will be offering Civil Beat’s news coverage for free.

With Free Content Days, we invite you to join us as we cover all the races and bring you the experience of election day through our Live Election Blog.

  • We’ll post regular updates on the different races, along with coverage and commentary from our reporter-hosts.
  • We’ll publish updated results instantly, directly from the Office of Elections.
  • After the final votes are counted, we’ll provide in-depth analysis of what went down, why and what it will mean.

We don’t think you’ll find coverage like ours anywhere else, so we hope you’ll join us during our Free Content Days promotion.
No matter what side people are on, most agree that this election is important for the future of the state, that it has long-term ramifications.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you citizen journalists.

During the primary election community members sent us their experiences of election day through videos, photos and commentary. Many of those submissions were published and added to the overall experience of our site. Please send me your election day photos, videos and experiences to I’ll send the best submissions to our editors for publishing on our Live Blog. Make sure you include your name and where you’re from so we can give you credit.

And even if you don’t want to share, please participate by joining our discussions and giving us feedback via our Facebook “like” buttons. It’ll help us know which articles, posts, candidates and issues are most interesting to you.

Happy Election Day and don’t forget to vote!