When we checked Wednesday afternoon, financial disclosure statements from some of Hawaii’s highest-ranking government officials weren’t available on the Ethics Commission’s website. By the time we got to our desks Thursday, that had changed.

Our report that DLNR Director William Aila Jr. turned his form in late apparently made waves over at the commission. And in the interest of giving credit where it’s due, we must say the agency responded quickly.

The state’s open records law requires only that the forms be made available to the public on request and does not require that they be posted online. It’s a service that helps keep the public informed, and commission staffers made it a priority Thursday.

Overnight, Year 2011 disclosures from Chief of Staff Amy Asselbaye and Transportation Director Glenn Okimoto were posted. Some Cabinet-level filings are still unavailable — including the one for Attorney General David Louie. We’ll work with the commission to see whether they’ve been received.

Sometimes we point out when government isn’t getting it done. Sometimes it’s worth pointing out when a job’s done right.