UPDATED 8/9/11 1 p.m.

Editor’s Note: Civil Beat interviewed Mike and Alec Sou at noon on Tuesday. Watch the recorded video below.

Mike and Alec Sou lived for two years accused of luring 44 Thai workers to Hawaii and forcing them to work in inhumane conditions.

It was one of the most high-profile human trafficking cases in recent history, targeting one of Hawaii’s most well known farms.

Then on Thursday, in a stunning development, federal prosecutors asked a judge to drop all charges just days after their trial had begun.

The brothers held an emotional press conference on their farm Thursday, flanked by dozens of their workers.

On Friday, 10 of the men who claimed to have been the Sous’ victims held their own press conference, expressing shock at the turn of events.

On Tuesday, Mike and Alec have agreed to come to Civil Beat’s Kaimuki office and talk live online about their experience. I was in court every day for the entire trial and will be talking with them. But if you have thoughts you’d like to share or questions you’d like me to ask, please post them below.

UPDATE: The video below is a recording of a live interview held at Civil Beat’s headquarters.

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