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9:58 a.m. Rail~Volution Sunshine?

Blogger Ian Lind raises a question this morning about the reach of the Sunshine Law.

Citing Civil Beat‘s coverage of a merry rail celebration in Washington D.C. last week and points out that the Sunshine Law precludes more than two members of the Honolulu City Council from getting together to talk shop outside of official, noticed public meetings.

The Council anticipated the problem and took evasive action before hopping on the plane. Earlier this month, it passed a resolution creating a “permitted interaction group” specifically to allow Council members Ikaika Anderson, Romy Cachola and Ann Kobayashi to together investigate transit-oriented development issues in Denver from Oct. 19 to Oct. 21.

Permitted interaction groups, known as PIGs, are a loophole in the Sunshine Law that allow groups of three or four public officials that would otherwise be required to hold public meetings to instead meet privately — so long as the scope of their work is defined in advance and any final decisions are made in public.

The problem, though, is that the resolution didn’t cover any meetings in Washington and didn’t cover the date of the rail celebration covered by Civil Beat. That party was attended by the three named members as well as Chair Ernie Martin and Breene Harimoto, who weren’t named on the resolution.

What do you think of Lind’s questions and the rail celebration in Washington? Chime in below.

Using Force

From elsewhere on Civil Beat this morning: the Honolulu Police Department‘s Use of Force Guidelines.

The 22-page guidelines was updated earlier this month, though not necessary entirely for APEC. And large chunks were redacted to prevent suspects from thwarting police operations.

Read the full story.

Friday Night News

This broke last week, but we didn’t get it in Inside Honolulu until this morning.

That’s just what the state Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs was hoping would happen.

The state put out a press release Friday evening announcing a $150,000 settlement with Ansaldo that clears two complaints filed by competitors alleging that the Italian railcar-maker wasn’t a licensed contractor when it first bid on the city contract.

The fine could have been 40 percent of the $1.4 billion value of the contract. So the settlement represents about 0.03 percent of the total possible penalty — and that doesn’t include the possibility that Ansaldo’s license could have been suspended or revoked.

Read more about the timing of the press release and its contents here.

Charging for Parks

The City and County of Honolulu has started to charge for exclusive use of its parks facilities, according to KHON.

Parks and Recreation Director Gary Cabato says rules already allow such charges, and the city is going to start enforcing what’s on the books. It started two weeks ago with a $15-per-hour charge for the use of the racquetball courts in Mililani.

Read the full story.

Where’s Carlisle?

Mayor Peter Carlisle has no events on his public schedule for today.

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