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Are you a Honolulu firefighter? Perhaps your last name is Lee? Or maybe you’re a government employee whose first name, like mine, is Michael?

If any of those statements apply to you, you’re not alone. Far from it.

Civil Beat’s analysis of nearly 8,500 Honolulu government salaries found that Fire Fighter I is the most common job title, with 449 workers. For the second straight year, Lee is the most common surname, with 89 people with that last name working for the city. And Michael is the most common first name across city government — there are 146.

The full database of 8,467 names and salaries is missing some 2,000 police officers because the Honolulu Police Department says they could be undercover and their identities should be protected from disclosure. Taking that into account, here are the most common job titles and the pay ranges of those employees:

Rank Job Title Count Salary Range
1 Fire Fighter I 449 $48,324 – $63,564
2 Grounds Keeper 242 $33,228
3 Fire Fighter III 241 $56,508 – $74,364
4 Recreation Aide (Summer) 224 $20,862^
5 Fire Captain 202 $66,108 – $86,988
6 Summer Student Aide III 157 $20,758^
7 Senior Clerk Typist 151 $26,364 – $40,548
8 Summer Swim Aide 145 $25,376^
9 Summer Student Aide II 138 $17,784^
10 Water Safety Officer II 131 $34,692 – $53,364

^ — Many of the employees with this job title are, as the title suggests, seasonal workers and are paid an hourly wage instead of an annual salary. The number provided for a salary is what those employees would make if they worked full-time for the whole year at the hourly wage the city provided.1

Last year, Civil Beat found that there were more Lees than any other surname in city government, and that the rest of the most common on the list were also Asian last names. Much of the countdown remains unchanged:

Rank Last Name Count
1 Lee 89
2 Wong 80
3 Young 47
4 Chang 43
5 Chun 35
6 (T) Higa 34
6 (T) Kim 34
6 (T) Nakamura 34
9 Lau 31
10 (T) Ho 28
10 (T) Kam 28
10 (T) Lum 28
16 Silva 26

Source: Civil Beat analysis of Honolulu salary data

The list of the most common first names appears to be made up entirely of male names — not unsurprising since most city employees are men. (More on that later this week as we explore how men and women working for the city are compensated.) Michael was the most common male baby name in the United States in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, according to the Social Security Administration.

Rank First Name Count
1 Michael 146
2 David 105
3 John 91
4 James 89
5 Robert 84
6 Mark 70
7 William 67
8 Richard 61
9 Paul 57
10 (T) Brian 54
10 (T) Kevin 54
33 Karen 34

Source: Civil Beat analysis of Honolulu salary data

There is just one city employee who fits all three common criteria. For today at least, firefighter Michael N. Lee can feel unique.

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