When billionaire David Murdock sold much of the island of Lanai to fellow billionaire Larry Ellison earlier this year, public documents made it clear that Murdock retained the right to develop a controversial wind farm that has been proposed for the island.

But the sales agreement filed recently with the Public Utilities Commission shows Murdock is fond of more than just a lucrative utility project. And he’s inked retention of a number of items into the deal with Oracle CEO Ellison.

The real estate tycoon has retained ownership of 1,000 rare orchids in a greenhouse at the Lodge at Koele. Currently, there are about 50,000 orchids — Murdock gets to choose which ones he wants.

He’s also kept two carved elephant tusks and two Balinese sculptures on display at Manele Resort.

He’s keeping a woodworking shop and all that comes with it, including a forklift and flatbed truck. And he’s retained rights to fallen koa wood on an unspecified part of the island.

He’s keeping his home, and just to be clear, everything that’s in it. As specified in the sales agreement, Ellison won’t be taking over the carpets, refrigerator, microwave, smoke detectors, built-in furniture, or anything else in the house.

That goes for Murdock’s vehicles, too, including a Toyota FourRunner, a Landrover, an electric car and a two-wheel drive Volkswagen.

More substantial assets staying with Murdock include four apartments at The Pines of Koele, two luxury terrace units at Manele Bay and a few parcels of land.

Murdock is also keeping the grocery store, Richard’s Market, and all of its profits.

The Lanai sale’s agreement between Murdock and Ellison has been made publicly available by the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission.

But what’s not in the paperwork is the sales price.

That’s been covered over with a large block of black ink, thanks to attorneys for Castle & Cooke, Murdock’s management company for the island.

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