Public Land Development Corporation’s new jingle: “TRUST IN ME.”

Nah, Abercrombie & Company is not doing damage control about the PLDC fall-out.

Of course, it’s not a coincidence that Gov. Neil Abercrombie, Sen. Donovan Dela Cruz and Sen. Malama Solomon are labeling the public outcry against PLDC as “misinformation” with the “usual suspects” spreading “hysteria” about the inquitous Act 55.

The Governor’s decree to the public is clear: PLDC is a catalyst “to partner with the private sector on schools, workforce housing, long-term care and early childhood education.” We must know all the dirty “exemption” bills they tried to push through and now this newly-formed PLDC are for the public good. We gotta believe it.

We gotta be slurping up these original “motherhood and apple-pie” sound bites. How could we possibly not “trust in me”?

Will the politicians hear our loud and clear message about PLDC?

Can they hear us?

Can they hear us, now?

About the author: Choon James has been a real estate broker for over 20 years. She is a member of the Ko’olauloa Sustainable Communities Planning Committee and a member of the Save Oahu Farmlands Coalition.