John Pritchett


Federal agent Christopher Deedy is a 29-year-old white man from Virginia on trial for second-degree murder for shooting Kollin Elderts, a 23-year-old local man from Kailua, he says in self defense. The prosecution says he was drunk. Defense attorneys have raised the issue of whether a haole can get a fair trial in Hawaii. The 14-member trial jury is predominantly local. As the trial in Hawaii state court continues, political cartoonist John Pritchett has this view.

About the author: Originally from Florida, John Pritchett came to Hawaii in 1974 and worked in advertising until 1987. He then decided to become an editorial cartoonist and provided cartoons to Honolulu Weekly for 20 years, winning many awards including a second place award from the United Nations Correspondents Association. His cartoons and illustrations have been published by Random House, McGraw-Hill, Congressional Quarterly, Boston Globe, Sports Illustrated and many other publications.

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