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September 2023

Sunday, September 3

John Pritchett: You Did It. No, You Did It

August 2023

Sunday, August 27

John Pritchett: Missed Opportunities

June 2023

Sunday, June 18

John Pritchett: I Do Solemnly Swear

Sunday, June 4

John Pritchett: Political Turnaround

May 2023

Sunday, May 28

John Pritchett: Into The Sunset

January 2023

Sunday, January 22

John Pritchett: Down The Drain

Sunday, January 15

John Pritchett: Bad Hand

Sunday, January 8

John Pritchett: Up In Smoke

Sunday, January 1

John Pritchett: Hat Trick

December 2022

Monday, December 26

John Pritchett: Ugly Sweater

Sunday, December 18

John Pritchett: Santa’s Little Helper

Sunday, December 11

John Pritchett: Court Jester

Sunday, December 4

John Pritchett: Weather Report

November 2022

Sunday, November 27

John Pritchett: Bulletin Board

Sunday, November 20

John Pritchett: Table Talk

Sunday, November 13

John Pritchett: Cleaning House

Sunday, November 6

John Pritchett: Rule The Roost

October 2022

Sunday, October 30

John Pritchett: Trick Or Treat? Treats Preferred!

Sunday, October 23

John Pritchett: Rumble In The Jungle

Sunday, October 16

John Pritchett: Party Pooper

Sunday, October 9

John Pritchett: Political Football

Sunday, October 2

John Pritchett: Aloha Means Goodbye

September 2022

Sunday, September 25

John Pritchett: Direct Deposit

Sunday, September 18

John Pritchett: On The Mend

Sunday, September 11

John Pritchett: Winners And Losers

August 2022

Sunday, August 28

John Pritchett: Delay Of Game

Sunday, August 21

John Pritchett: Falling Short

Sunday, August 14

John Pritchett: The Morning After

Sunday, August 7

John Pritchett: Smear Campaign

July 2022

Sunday, July 31

John Pritchett: Neverland

Sunday, July 24

John Pritchett: Duking It Out

Sunday, July 17

John Pritchett: The Frog Whisperer

Sunday, July 10

John Pritchett: Getting The Point

Sunday, July 3

John Pritchett: Things Money Can Buy

June 2022

Sunday, June 26

John Pritchett: Dead In The Water

Sunday, June 19

John Pritchett: Sleeper Candidate

Sunday, June 12

John Pritchett: PAC Attack

Sunday, June 5

John Pritchett: Cookie Jar

May 2022

Sunday, May 29

John Pritchett: Not Again

Sunday, May 22

John Pritchett: Scenic View

Sunday, May 15

John Pritchett: The Three Mouseketeers

Sunday, May 8

John Pritchett: Out Of The Bag

Sunday, May 1

John Pritchett: Culture Shock

April 2022

Sunday, April 24

John Pritchett: Old School

Sunday, April 17

John Pritchett: Frequent Flyer

Sunday, April 10

John Pritchett: It Came From The Ala Wai Canal

Sunday, April 3

John Pritchett: Labor Movement

March 2022

Sunday, March 27

John Pritchett: Train To Nowhere

Sunday, March 20

John Pritchett: Blowing Smoke?

Sunday, March 13

John Pritchett: Pumped Up

Sunday, March 6

John Pritchett: When Elephants Fly

February 2022

Sunday, February 27

John Pritchett: Hawaii’s Pandemic Species

Sunday, February 20

John Pritchett: Who’s Next

Sunday, February 13

John Pritchett: Banana Republic

January 2022

Sunday, January 23

John Pritchett: Eh, Komo Mai?

Sunday, January 16

John Pritchett: Checkered Past

Sunday, January 9

John Pritchett: Winter Of Discontent

Sunday, January 2

John Pritchett: Big Bang Theory

December 2021

Sunday, December 26

John Pritchett: Year Of The Tiger

Sunday, December 19

John Pritchett: Mixed Signals

Sunday, December 12

John Pritchett: Mounting Crisis

Sunday, December 5

John Pritchett: Mix And Match

November 2021

Sunday, November 21

John Pritchett: Turkey Trot

Sunday, November 14

John Pritchett: Track The Blue

Sunday, November 7

John Pritchett: Breaking Plaid

October 2021

Sunday, October 31

John Pritchett: Nightmare On Beretania Street

Sunday, October 24

John Pritchett: Season’s Greetings

Sunday, October 17

John Pritchett: Garden Variety

Sunday, October 10

John Pritchett: Game Birds

Sunday, October 3

John Pritchett: Congressman’s Travels

September 2021

Sunday, September 26

John Pritchett: Puppet Master

Sunday, September 19

John Pritchett: End Game

Sunday, September 12

John Pritchett: United Front

August 2021

Sunday, August 29

John Pritchett: Marketing Strategy

Sunday, August 22

John Pritchett: Withdrawal Symptoms

Sunday, August 8

John Pritchett: In The Green

Sunday, August 1

John Pritchett: Good As Gold

July 2021

Sunday, July 25

John Pritchett: Lights, Camera, Aalto!

Sunday, July 18

John Pritchett: Take A Hike

Sunday, July 11

John Pritchett: Back To The Future?

Tuesday, July 6

John Pritchett: Not So Fast, Governor

June 2021

Sunday, June 27

John Pritchett: Sitting Ducks

Sunday, June 20

John Pritchett: Market Price

Sunday, June 13

John Pritchett: Breath Of Fresh Air

Sunday, June 6

John Pritchett: Change Orders

May 2021

Sunday, May 23

John Pritchett: Flat Tire

Sunday, May 16

John Pritchett: Grilling The Mayor

Sunday, May 9

John Pritchett: Final Destination

Sunday, May 2

John Pritchett: Bad Penny

April 2021

Sunday, April 25

John Pritchett: Hot Air

Sunday, April 18

John Pritchett: Audit Man

Sunday, April 11

John Pritchett: Artistic License

Sunday, April 4

John Pritchett: Tourism, The Sequel

March 2021

Sunday, March 28

John Pritchett: Double Standard

Sunday, March 21

John Pritchett: Railroaded

Sunday, March 14

John Pritchett: Who Wants To Be A Billionaire?

January 2021

Sunday, January 24

John Pritchett: Handout

Monday, January 18

John Pritchett: Under Siege

Sunday, January 10

John Pritchett: The Secret Ingredient

Monday, January 4

John Pritchett: Not In The Cards

December 2020

Monday, December 28

John Pritchett: Chopping Block

November 2020

Monday, November 30

John Pritchett: Ho, Ho, Ho

Sunday, November 8

John Pritchett: Comic Relief

Sunday, November 1

John Pritchett: On The Chopping Block

October 2020

Sunday, October 25

John Pritchett: The Great Trumpkin

Sunday, October 11

John Pritchett: Rocket Science

Sunday, October 4

John Pritchett: Rail Fail

September 2020

Sunday, September 27

John Pritchett: Advise And Dissent

Sunday, September 20

John Pritchett: On The Wrong Track

Sunday, September 13

John Pritchett: Sinking Feeling

Sunday, September 6

John Pritchett: Data In The Dark

August 2020

Sunday, August 30

John Pritchett: Curiouser And Curiouser

Sunday, August 23

John Pritchett: A Political Train Wreck

Sunday, August 16

John Pritchett: Going The Wrong Way

July 2020

Sunday, July 26

Pritchett: Excess Baggage

Sunday, July 19

John Pritchett: Easy Riders

Sunday, July 12

John Pritchett: The Ballot Box In 2020

Sunday, July 5

John Pritchett: Underwater In More Ways Than One

June 2020

Sunday, June 21

John Pritchett: Police Protection?

Sunday, June 14

John Pritchett: Here We Go Again

May 2014

Friday, May 16

Pritchett: Cowboy Clayton Hee Rides Into the Sunset

Friday, May 9

Pritchett: Talk Stink

Friday, May 2

Pritchett: The Dangers of Driving While Digital

April 2014

Friday, April 25

Pritchett: Mufi Returns

Friday, April 18

Pritchett: The Benefits of Being Green in Hawaii

Thursday, April 10

Pritchett: High Hopes for a Republican in Hawaii

Thursday, April 3

Pritchett: The Endorsement Wars

March 2014

Friday, March 28

Pritchett: Caught With Their Pants Down

Thursday, March 20

Pritchett: The Temptation of a Living Wage

Friday, March 14

Pritchett: Skeletons in the Closet

Friday, March 7

Pritchett: Putin’s Extreme Makeover in Ukraine

February 2014

Friday, February 28

Pritchett: Greetings from Honolulu, Wish You Weren’t Here

Friday, February 21

Pritchett: Stirring the Racism Pot

Friday, February 14

Pritchett: Disciplinary Action

Friday, February 7

Pritchett: Leader of the Pack

January 2014

Friday, January 31

Pritchett: Scott and Goliath’s Battle Over Kakaako

Friday, January 24

Pritchett: Everything’s Coming Up Roses

Friday, January 17

Pritchett: Taxing Situation

Friday, January 10

Pritchett: Hawaii Has a Ten Million Dollar Man

Friday, January 3

Pritchett: Drone Baby 2014

December 2013

Thursday, December 26

Pritchett: Mufi’s New Year’s Resolution

Thursday, December 19

Pritchett: Healing Powers

Friday, December 13

Pritchett: From Riches to Rags

Thursday, December 5

Pritchett: Tower of Power

November 2013

Wednesday, November 27

Pritchett: Local News

Thursday, November 21

Pritchett: The Vigilante With a Sledgehammer

Thursday, November 14

Pritchett: Power Outage

Thursday, November 7

Pritchett: Captain Kirk’s Ethical Odyssey

October 2013

Thursday, October 31

Pritchett: Implausible Deniability

Thursday, October 24

Pritchett: The Senatorial Sandbox

Thursday, October 17

Pritchett: Travel Transparency

Thursday, October 10

Pritchett: Police Inaction

Thursday, October 3

Pritchett: An Early Halloween Trick for the Islands

September 2013

Thursday, September 26

Pritchett: Health Care Crapshoot

Wednesday, September 18

Pritchett: Weapons of Molasses Destruction

Thursday, September 12

Pritchett: Moving Day in Kahala

Thursday, September 5

Pritchett: Syria Handoff

August 2013

Thursday, August 29

Pritchett: An Inconvenient Truth

Thursday, August 22

Pritchett: Signs of the Times

Thursday, August 15

Pritchett: Cementing the Inouye Legacy

Thursday, August 8

Pritchett: A Homeless Aloha

Thursday, August 1

Pritchett: Pharmabusa

July 2013

Wednesday, July 24

Pritchett: The Royal Poop

Thursday, July 18

Pritchett: Local Justice

Thursday, July 11

Pritchett: Ige Who?

Wednesday, July 3

Pritchett: Primary Endorsement

June 2013

Thursday, June 27

Pritchett: I Feel So Much Safer Now

John Pritchett: You Did It. No, You Did It John Pritchett/Civil Beat/2023

John Pritchett: You Did It. No, You Did It

Maui County and Hawaiian Electric Co. have both been targets of public outrage over who's responsible for the devastation and death in Lahaina -- the utility because power lines may have sparked the fire and the county for its ineffective response including leaving the Lahaina area too soon. First, Maui County filed a lawsuit against HECO then HECO pushed back last week with its view of events.

John Pritchett: Missed Opportunities John Pritchett/Civil Beat/2023

John Pritchett: Missed Opportunities

Despite years of studies and debate over managing the risk from wildfires, government officials still neglected the opportunities to put money or programs in place to address the growing problem.

John Pritchett: I Do Solemnly Swear John Pritchett/Civil Beat/2023

John Pritchett: I Do Solemnly Swear

The latest federal indictment of Donald Trump appears not to have hurt his polling numbers while helping him raise millions of dollars in his campaign to return to the White House. These charges relate to his refusal to return classified and top secret documents that he was keeping at his Florida estate.

John Pritchett: Political Turnaround John Pritchett/Civil Beat/2023

John Pritchett: Political Turnaround

City officials, including Honolulu City Council members, are in line for big raises come July 1. Council Chair Tommy Waters wants council positions to be full time and has introduced a measure to do that. But the 64% pay raises may take effect before members move to full time — if they ever do.

John Pritchett: Into The Sunset John Pritchett/Civil Beat/2023

John Pritchett: Into The Sunset

Longtime East Honolulu lawmaker Sam Slom died last week. For many years he was the only Republican in the state Senate where he served from 1996 to 2016. He was 81.

John Pritchett: Down The Drain John Pritchett/Civil Beat/2023

John Pritchett: Down The Drain

Hawaii's Department of Accounting and General Services is asking lawmakers for $33.5 million to rehabilitate the chronically plagued reflecting pools.
John Pritchett: Bad Hand John Pritchett/Civil Beat/2023

John Pritchett: Bad Hand

State Rep. John Mizuno of Kalihi along with his Oahu colleague Daniel Holt have a bill to legalize sports betting and poker in neighborhood gambling rooms. Hawaii is one of only two states -- Utah is the other -- with no legal form of gambling.
John Pritchett: Up In Smoke John Pritchett/Civil Beat/2023

John Pritchett: Up In Smoke

After a loud and dangerous New Year's Eve, Honolulu officials are once again talking about the need to strengthen the laws on fireworks.  
John Pritchett: Hat Trick John Pritchett/Civil Beat/2023

John Pritchett: Hat Trick

Hawaii's new leader has ambitious plans for the state, including easing the tax burden on residents, building more affordable housing and mitigating against climate change. But he's already encountering resistance from top legislators on how to pay for it all.