We were all about courtrooms this week, focused on crucial, compelling and disturbing cases, from murder to rail appeal and beyond.

The murder trial of federal agent Christopher Deedy is in the hands of the jury. The 12 men and women got the case on Thursday and are expected to continue deliberating on Monday.

The Honolulu rail case finally made it to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The appellate panel heard the case Thursday in San Francisco but plenty of local rail opponents and supporters gathered in federal court here to watch the hearing live via a feed.

Some Hawaii folks who are unhappy with how legislative district boundaries were redrawn as part of the 10-year reconfiguration that takes population shifts into account appealed the new lines to the U.S. Supreme Court. The court is expected to decide in a couple of months wether to hear the case that some say disenfranchises military and students.

Elsewhere, our Washington, D.C., contributor Adrienne LaFrance examined Hawaii’s shaken media world.

We also went to the Big Island to take a look at how high prices have shocked some Hawaii farmers into energy innovation.

And, not to be forgotten, is our look at the ethical issues raised by a University of Hawaii professor’s successful experiments to make glowing pigs, neon rabbits and — soon — luminous baby sheep.

Here are 10 stories from the past week that deserve your attention:

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