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U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz was, along with former Vice President Al Gore, at the center of this week’s sustainability conference at the University of Hawaii. During Gore’s impassioned speech about climate change Tuesday to a crowd of thousands at Stan Sheriff Center, the environmental icon spoke of Schatz — a fellow green Democrat — as though it was a campaign event. That’s understandable given that Gore appeared at a fundraiser for Schatz at the Oahu home of Blue Planet Foundation founder Henk Rogers the previous night. The association of money and green politics got our cartoonist John Pritchett thinking about Kermit the Frog who might, in such circumstances, find it easier being green.”

About the author: John Pritchett is a longtime award-winning political cartoonist. He has been penning artwork in Hawaii for decades, including 20 years at the Honolulu Weekly. Find more of his work on the web at

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