It was always considered a long shot, but now it looks official: Honolulu will be missing out on the Barack Obama Presidential Library and Museum.

Citing two anonymous sources, The New York Times reported that the Obama library will be built in Chicago, the president’s adopted home.

The exact location is not yet known, but Chicago’s local news outlets are reporting that it will be built near the University of Chicago on the city’s South Side, where the president began his career as community organizer.

Obama library in Kakaako

The proposed Kakaako Makai location.


Chicago beat out the bids from New York City, where Obama earned his bachelor’s degree, and Honolulu, where he spent his youth.

The news brings a sigh of relief to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, the president’s former chief of staff. Since word spread earlier this year that first lady Michelle Obama favored New York, Emanuel lobbied heavily to bring the library to his city.

The Chicago bid appears to have received a lift last week, when the Illinois General Assembly passed a bill designed to stem any legal action if a Chicago Park District property were used for the library.

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