The president of the Hawaii Senate has instructed all senators and staff that the chamber has revised its policy regarding the confidentially of the résumés of gubernatorial nominees.

In a letter dated Wednesday, Donna Mercado Kim said the policy was being changed “to provide important information to the public about nominees to state boards and commissions.”

The résumés from the governor’s office had been kept confidential for internal use.

Senate President Donna Mercado Kim texts while Senator Inouye addresses Senate after DLNR nominee Carleton Ching’s nomination was withdrawn.  18 march 2015. photograph Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Senate President Donna Mercado Kim checking her phone on the Senate floor.

Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Kim said that, after conferring with Gov. David Ige, the Senate Clerk’s office will post the information on the Legislature’s website “as soon as possible” after appointment letters to the Senate are received from the governor’s office.

Any questionnaire by Senate committees, which offer advise and consent, to nominees “and any other documents” submitted by the governor’s office along with the nomination letter will remain confidential unless the nominee submits them as testimony.

Hawaii’s governor appoints and nominates to more than 170 boards and commissions, including the Campaign Spending Commission, the Hawaiian Homes Commission and the Board of Land and Natural Resources.

The new policy applies to all appointments received as of Tuesday. Kim’s letter says Ige’s office has begun advising nominees of the new policy so that “personal information not intended to be shared publicly” remains that way.

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