Our media partner KITV has this report regarding the arrests of protesters on Mauna Kea. Excerpt:

A quieter day at Mauna Kea on Good Friday. There were no arrests on this holiday and no construction was underway on the Thirty Meter Telescope. …

On Friday, an Office of Hawaiian Affairs trustee and a community activist were brought together and called for action.

Two Hawaiian community leaders with similar concerns but different messages.

“The goal now is not to stop the building of this observatory. The goal now is to get all of these observatories off this mountain,” said longtime community activist Walter Ritte. …

OHA trustee Peter Apo, speaking on behalf of himself, made it clear that, while he respects Ritte, getting rid of the telescopes is not his goal. Apo wants a stand down on construction of the telescope. He’s calling on the governor and University of Hawaii President David Lassner to make it happen. …

Peter Apo

Peter Apo speaking to reporters Friday.


Mauna Kea is a sacred site to many Hawaiians, but it is also highly valued for its use in the study of the heavens.

Apo wants the state to work with  Native Hawaiians to revisit the management plans of Mauna Kea, which is on lands that formerly belonged to the Hawaiian Kingdom.

Apo is a contributor to Civil Beat. Read his recent column, Mauna Kea Under Siege.

And here’s another view, Why Everyone Should Support the Telescope Construction Blockade.

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