Hawaii Gov. David Ige has signed a bill that dedicates nearly $3 million of general funds to the Office of Hawaiian Affairs over the next two years.

The semi-autonomous state agency that’s dedicated to Native Hawaiian issues will use 70 percent of the general funds for direct services, and match the state appropriation with $6.4 million each year.

The governor also signed House Bill 207, which requires certain councils, commissions and boards to receive legal training on Native Hawaiian customs and rights. Another measure, Senate Bill 1166, clarifies the state law regarding traditional burials.

“This measure just makes it crystal clear that our laws will allow for anyone wanting to exercise the traditional burial practices of Native Hawaiians, that they would be allowed to do so,” Ige said in a press release.

Gov. David Ige signs the Office of Hawaiian Affairs budget on June 30.

Courtesy of Gov. David Ige

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