The Honolulu City Council voted Wednesday to advance a draft development plan for the North Shore that doesn’t include any new homes in Malaekahana.

Chair Ernie Martin introduced Bill 53, which passed first reading. The original version of the bill describes focusing future growth in Malaekahana but the Council voted unanimously to pass an amendment to remove that aspect of the plan.

Before voting on the measure, Councilman Ikaika Anderson said Bill 53 was introduced to replace Bill 47, the Koolauloa Sustainable Communities Plan, which expired this year.

“The introduction of Bill 53 really was just a procedural matter so that the discussion on the Koolauloa Sustainable Communities plan could continue,” Anderson said before voting on the bill.

Anderson, who leads the Zoning and Planning Committee, is opposed to adding new homes in Malaekahana, and amended Bill 47 earlier this year to get rid of any mention of that proposed residential community.

On Wednesday, Martin took Anderson’s amendments to Bill 47 and introduced them as his own for Bill 53. The bill goes next to the Zoning and Planning Committee for consideration.

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