A Colorado newspaper, the Vail Daily, has a story on Hawaii state legislators checking out retail marijuana shops last week. The only problem is, the report erroneously states that the islands have legalized retail sales rather than just medical marijuana dispensaries.


Hawaii — where you can drop seeds on the sidewalk and they’ll grow legalized retail marijuana.

Rep. Della Au Belatti’s (D-Hawaii) bill passed in waning moments of this year’s Hawaii state Legislature allows eight retail marijuana shops in the entire state.

A dozen or so Hawaiian lawmakers were among 350 state legislators in Vail this week for the Council of State Governments West annual convention.

Along with everything else, they managed to squeeze in a field trip to Eagle County’s Green Mile, touring pot shops in Eagle-Vail.

Hawaii is starting small and they’ll see what happens.

Representative Della Au Belatti walks out with Chair/Senator Will Espero during 1 hour recess.  4 may 2015. photograph by Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Rep. Della Au Belatti walks out with Sen. Will Espero after a conference committee on medical marijuana dispensaries.

Cory Lum/Civil Beat

State Sen. Will Espero and state Rep. Dee Morikawa are featured in a photo accompanying the article. The captions states, “Hawaii legalized retail marijuana this year.”

Not quite.

Hawaii approved legislation this year to establish medical marijuana dispensaries, some 15 years after making pot legal for medicinal use.

But legislation to decriminalize or legalize pakalolo has never succeeded here, as it has in Colorado.

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