Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas has qualified for the Hawaii Republican Party presidential caucus.

Cruz, currently ranked among the top three GOP candidates, joins former Gov. Jeb Bush, Ohio Gov. John Kasich and New York real estate developer Donald Trump on the March 8 ballot.

The Cruz Hawaii Leadership Committee is comprised of Rita Kama-Kimura, Willes Lee and Marissa Kerns.

Ted Cruz campaign website for Hawaii

“Ted Cruz is the most inspirational constitutional conservative of this generation,” Lee, a former Hawaii Republican Party state chair, said in a press release Friday. “From the perspective of my military career and work in the conservative movement, Ted checks all the boxes of America’s needs. Personal strength, unflinching candor, and always leading with conservative principals, Cruz is the one we need to return honor and credibility to our United States.”

The candidate said, “We are seeing conservatives around the country come together to support our campaign and Hawaii is no exception.”

Kerns is the first vice president for Hawaii Republican Assembly while Kama-Kimura is the Hawaii Republican Party chair for House District 36.

The first votes will be cast in Iowa on Feb. 1, followed by a slew of state caucuses and primaries.

Hawaii’s Democrats have a presidential preference poll set for March 26.

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