A simmering dispute between a deputy prosecutor and his neighbors on the Big Island continues to deepen.

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Randall Winston “Bew” Albright has gone to court to seek a temporary restraining order and injunction against neighbors Micah and Jessica Gauthier, alleging the couple’s activities have caused him and his family to suffer emotional distress.

Last week, Judge Jeffrey Hawk granted a temporary restraining order against the Gauthiers and set a hearing date for Wednesday. The Gauthiers deny the allegations and, through their Honolulu attorney Megan Kau, have asked the court for an extension because they are traveling on the mainland and their lawyer is out of the country.

Deputy prosecutor Randall Winston “Bew” Albright has secured a temporary restraining order against his neighbors, who earlier got a TRO against him and his wife. Hawaii County Prosecuting Attorney Office Facebook

In granting the TRO, the judge found probable cause that the couple has harassed Albright and his family. But the allegations are mutual.

Albright and his wife, Nicole “Isis” Albright, have a temporary restraining order on them, issued by Judge Kanani Laubach on behalf of the Gauthiers who say the Albrights have harassed and intimidated them since they moved to the Paukaa neighborhood over a year and a half ago. Micah Gauthier said Albright has threatened him by saying, as a deputy prosecutor, he “upholds the law and enforces the law.”

In the latest development, Albright went to court last week and filed a nine-page exhibit containing a slew of allegations against the Gauthiers.

Micah Gauthier with his wife, Jessica, and step-daughter Anna Lane Hall. Paula Dobbyn/Civil Beat/2022

He claims the Gauthiers have installed cameras and recording equipment to surveil the Albright’s residence, have allowed their dog to come onto the Albright’s property several times, poured concrete over the property line, and have yelled profanities, causing Albright to suffer emotional distress, an increased heart rate and fear that he would be attacked.

The Albrights also raised concerns about cigarette smoke wafting over into their yard and into their house from the Gauthier’s property.

Albright “felt actual pain in his lungs from the toxic smoke and felt shortness of breath as he has previously had pneumonia and Covid-19,” according to the court exhibit.

Jessica Gauthier said by email she was not surprised but felt anguish that Albright has sought a TRO against her and her husband.

“Prosecutor Albright uses his knowledge of the law and access to the county courts to punish his neighbors. He and his wife have done this to several citizens of Hawaii County since 2011, maybe longer,” she said.

“If he wasn’t a prosecutor, I’d laugh at how ridiculous his charges against us are. But because their history of harassing neighbors and using the legal system to punish them if they (we) try to defend ourselves is so long, I am not surprised. We are being terrorized and it has to stop,” Gauthier added.

Through his attorney Francis Alcain, Albright declined to comment for this story.

The battle with the Gauthiers isn’t Albright’s first conflict with neighbors. When the deputy prosecutor lived in Ainaloa in the Puna District, Albright’s neighbors Precious Dela Cruz and Shelton Pacarro sought a restraining order against him for alleged harassment in 2021. A process server who delivered the summons to Albright’s house said he shouted at her, accused her of trespassing and ordered her off his property.

A police report indicates Albright called the cops on process server Krysty Kubojiri. But the responding patrol officer told the prosecutor that Kubojiri was within her rights to deliver the paperwork and that he lacked grounds for a trespassing charge.

Court records also indicate Albright feuding with his former neighbor Angela Quiroz, a single mother of three at the time. Quiroz’ son, Joseph Alpuro, said Albright used to get irritated by his younger siblings playing in the street and picking his flowers.

Alpuro said Albright would frequently call the cops on the kids.

Albright got a TRO against Quiroz in 2011. She followed suit and got one against him. After mediation, the restraining orders were lifted, according to court filings.

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