Civil Beat Staff

Alana Eagle

Alana Eagle is Events Manager for Honolulu Civil Beat.

Born and raised in Honolulu, Alana graduated from La Pietra and the University of Hawaii-Manoa with a degree in Sustainability Awareness and Digital Media.

She started with Civil Beat as a freelance photographer and videographer. Alana has won statewide and national awards for the multimedia project “The Last Wild Place” where she and her reporter-husband visited Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument.

Alana has a passion for environmental issues, especially ones involving climate change, wildlife and plastic pollution. You can find her diving with her underwater camera, playing at the beach with her dog or traveling across the world to take photos of endangered animals.

You can follow her on Instagram @Alanawanna and Twitter @AlanaLehua.

How To Enter The Civil Beat Recipe Challenge

How To Enter The Civil Beat Recipe Challenge

Let’s reduce our reliance on imported food by learning how to cook with more local ingredients.

COVID-19 Resource Page in Marshallese

Ilo Hawaii in, elukkun lon bamle ko eben aer elolo onen ko redrik nan test in coronavirus, jikin quarantine, mona ilo ien aer quarantine kab jiban ko jet. Kem ear kommane lajrak in nan jiban jukjuk in bed ko im elukkun lap aikuj ie bwe ren maron bok jiban kein.

COVID-19 Resources in Chuukese

A napengeni won ei fonu Hawaii, a chomong famini ir mei mefi weiresin me riafoun ren ar repwe tongeni angei ewe tesin ei samwaw Covid-19 fan iten ar nafangaw. Esapw chok moon tes, nge fen pwan ekewe nenien suu ngeni ika quarantin me ener me non ekei neni nupwen a torir ei samwaw. Ikei ekoch popun iwe a kan esenipa ngeni kich ach sipwe ne chok omonungawono.

COVID-19 Resource Page in Kosaraean

Fin an Hawaii, pukaten sucu ma kofla kuh upac elos in sokacak inkanek fisracsr in es test ke corona, kuh, kuh konacak acn ma fal elos in monglac we elos fin weak, ku finne nuke ip lun mongo ke pal se elos enenu in srenglah muta, kuh kutena kain in kasru saya.

COVID-19 Resource Page in English

In Hawaii, many families have struggled to access affordable coronavirus testing, a place to quarantine, food during quarantine and other help. We created this guide to help hard-hit communities access much-needed resources.

COVID-19 Resource Page in Tagalog

Sa Hawai’i, maraming pamilya ang nahirapang humanap ng abot-kayang pagta-test ng coronavirus, lugar na maaaring gamitin para sa quarantine, pagkain habang nagku-quarantine at iba pang tulong. Nilikha namin ang patnubay na ito para matulungan ang mga napinsalang komunidad hanapin ang mga kinakailangang nitong tulong at rekurso.


Our Neighborhood Haiku Poetry Contest Is Off To Great Start

Our Neighborhood Haiku Poetry Contest Is Off To Great Start

Readers from more than 50 ZIP codes throughout Hawaii have shared their five-line poems about where they live.

Op-Doc: East Island Memorial Courtesy: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Op-Doc: East Island Memorial

The loss of this ecologically invaluable island to rising sea level demonstrates the need to stop climate change. Now.

Shark Cam

A fin-mounted shark cam allowed researchers to watch — for the first time — as this female tiger shark catches and devours a fish while she scavenges for food.