Allan Parachini

Allan Parachini is Civil Beat’s Kauai columnist. Indulging a passion he first developed 35 years ago, he makes furniture in Kilauea, on the island’s North Shore. He is represented by the Halelea and Black Pearl Galleries on Kauai.

But before furniture, he had two previous careers. From 1965 to 1991, he was a reporter for newspapers and wire services, primarily in New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles. He was a medical writer for the Chicago Sun-Times and the Los Angeles Times, where he worked for 13 years. From 1991 until 2010, he held headed public affairs operations at the ACLU of Southern California, the California Community Foundation and the Los Angeles Superior Court.

Allan is a graduate of Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication and held a fellowship in drug abuse reporting at the Columbia University School of Journalism. He was an adjunct instructor in public relations, reporting and news writing at Northwestern University, Occidental College, DePaul University, the University of Southern California and Cal State Los Angeles.

He’s a member of the Society of Professional Journalists, PEN America, the Furniture Society and the Urban Salvaged and Reclaimed Woods Network. He serves on the board of the nonprofit Hawaii Forest Industry Association. His wife, Gina Lobaco, is a fundraiser for The Nature Conservancy.

His furniture emphasizes native Hawaiian woods, usually combined with upcycled materials from items like forklift pallets and shipping crates.

He’s interested in stories that illustrate, if only in a small way, challenges—political, social and other—the island faces and what events today may imply about Kauai’s future.

May 2021

Monday, May 3

Love Has Won Cult Leader Apparently Found Dead In Colorado

February 2021

Friday, February 19

Hawaii Plans For Post-Pandemic Tourism, Starting With Kauai

Wednesday, February 3

Monk Seals Found Dead In Kauai Likely Drowned In Fishing Nets

January 2021

Thursday, January 28

Kauai Is Moving Forward On One Of The Nation’s Most Advanced Energy Projects

Monday, January 25

This Innovative Kauai Medical Facility Is Struggling To Survive

Sunday, January 24

Hawaii Rep. Ed Case Tries Again To Rein In Helicopter Tour And Skydiving Operations

Monday, January 11

Kauai Realtors See Uptick In People Buying Houses Sight-Unseen

Thursday, January 7

Monk Seal Killings On Kauai Highlight Human Threat To Endangered Species

December 2020

Thursday, December 24

Could This Housing Project Be A Model For Addressing Homelessness On Kauai?

Thursday, December 10

How A Kauai Java Sparrow Became Mr. Baby Snuggles

Friday, December 4

This Kauai Nonprofit Is Trying To Change How People Buy Their Food

November 2020

Monday, November 30

Kauai County Council Joins Fight Against Proposed Glamping Resort

Tuesday, November 10

Kauai Lets Chandler Family Keep Running Their Vacation Rental

Monday, November 9

The Long-Simmering Feud Over This Kauai Rental Property May Finally Be Coming To A Head

Tuesday, November 3

Former Mayor Bernard Carvalho On His Way To Kauai Council

Monday, November 2

Kauai Bets Big With CARES Money To Boost Local Beef Industry

October 2020

Friday, October 30

Aaron Feinberg: Kauai Photographer Turned Weather Guru

Thursday, October 22

Kauai Restaurants Bar ‘Unquarantined Travelers’ From Dine-In Service

Monday, October 12

What The Heck Is Going On With Neighbor Island Travel Rules?

September 2020

Monday, September 28

Princeville Glamping Project Would Require Affordable Housing

Thursday, September 24

Kauai Voters Will Decide On 6 Changes To The County Charter

Sunday, September 20

2 Kauai Resorts Still Plan A ‘Tiny Bubbles’ Program For Some Visitors

Saturday, September 5

Protesters Vandalize Kauai Home Rented By Religious Cult, Police Say

Thursday, September 3

Meet The New Cult In Town: Love Has Won, Now Quarantining On Kauai

August 2020

Monday, August 31

Kauai Businesses Are ‘Hanging On By A Thread’ Without Tourists

Tuesday, August 25

Ambulance Services Could Be On The Chopping Block Throughout Hawaii

Sunday, August 23

Luxury Camping At $500 A Night On Kauai? A Glamping Resort Could Be Coming Soon

Monday, August 3

This Kauai Talk Show Is One Facebook Livestream You Don’t Want To Miss

July 2020

Monday, July 20

Kauai County Council Candidates Differ On How To Reopen For Tourism

Incumbents Lead A Crowded Kauai Council Race Shaped By COVID-19

Wednesday, July 8

Kauai Food Businesses Persist During Pandemic Thanks To Grant

June 2020

Friday, June 26

Kauai Residents Scored Big At This Unusual Community Garage Sale — Even A Baby Grand Piano

Tuesday, June 23

Could New Kauai Proposal Be A Model For Bringing Back Tourism?

Monday, June 22

Hawaii’s Cesspool Problem Continues To Bubble Up As EPA Cracks Down

Monday, June 8

Architect Says Time Is Running Out To Save Kauai’s Coco Palms

Monday, June 1

Hawaii’s Internet Relies On Increasingly Tenuous Undersea Cables

May 2020

Wednesday, May 27

Ukuleles Could Be ‘A New Hawaiian Tradition’ For Kauai Graduates

Sunday, May 17

USDA Grant Throws A Lifeline To Kauai Farmers Hit By Pandemic

Saturday, May 2

Survey: Jobs Losses, Worries About Paying Rent Widespread On Kauai

April 2020

Friday, April 24

Honolulu Mayor Slammed For Offering Kauai As Coronavirus Test Case

Sunday, April 19

Kauai: This Island Has Been Holding Steady Against Coronavirus. What’s Up?

Sunday, April 12

Kauai: How The Coronavirus Is Affecting Our Social Fabric

Monday, April 6

Kauai: These Small Sheds May Soon Shelter Quarantined Family Members

Sunday, April 5

Hawaii’s Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Remain Open During Virus Crisis

March 2020

Wednesday, March 25

Hawaii’s Blood Banks Need Your Help To Avert ‘A State Crisis’

Saturday, March 21

Kauai: Mayor On Curfew — ‘I’m Willing To Be Criticized For Overreacting’

Wednesday, March 18

Kauai: Violent March Storm Soaks The Island

Thursday, March 5

Kauai: The Depth of Arrested Council Member’s Troubles Shouldn’t Have Been A Surprise

February 2020

Thursday, February 20

This Helicopter Safety Bill Is Unenforceable. Why Do So Many Lawmakers Support It?

Friday, February 14

Kauai: Hawaiians Use Shuttle To Drop Knowledge On Tourists

Tuesday, February 4

FAA Abruptly Stopped Enforcement Action Against Hawaii Helicopter Tours

Monday, February 3

Kauai: Farmers Fight To Keep Irrigation System Running

January 2020

Wednesday, January 29

Kauai: Council Weighs Resolution To Fix DHHL Mortgage Programs

Thursday, January 23

Tour Helicopter Crashes — And Flights — Have Escalated In Recent Years

December 2019

Monday, December 23

Kauai: Hemp Growers Battle Both State Restrictions And Medical Skeptics

Tuesday, December 3

Kauai: You Won’t Need A Car If You Live In This New Urban Village

November 2019

Wednesday, November 27

Kauai: County Admits It Wrongly Allowed A Divisive Brush Cutting Project

Monday, November 18

Kauai: Helping Small Food Companies Cope With High Costs

October 2019

Tuesday, October 15

Kauai: Island’s Biggest Credit Union Grows Bigger In Effort To Remain Independent

September 2019

Wednesday, September 25

Kauai: A New Folk Music Festival In the Spirit Of King Kalakaua

Tuesday, September 3

Kauai: Residents Just Saved This Park From Becoming A Housing Project

August 2019

Tuesday, August 27

Kauai: New Rabbi Marks A Turning Point For Island’s Tiny Jewish Community

Friday, August 2

Kauai: 14 Days Of Emergency Supplies? Who Has That?

July 2019

Tuesday, July 23

Kauai: Some Residents Are Waylaying Tourists On The North Shore

June 2019

Wednesday, June 5

Former Las Vegas Captain Adapts To New World As Kauai Police Chief

May 2019

Thursday, May 23

Kauai: As Crowds Grow, Tourists Will Start Paying to Visit The Most Popular Parks

Wednesday, May 15

Kauai: Can $13 Million Save Lihue?

Thursday, May 9

Kauai: More Trouble For Hanalei As Unstable Hillside Forces Traffic Delays

Tuesday, May 7

Kauai: This Island’s Only Bookstore Is Thriving

April 2019

Monday, April 22

Charter Schools Have By Far The Highest Rates Of Unvaccinated Kids

March 2019

Thursday, March 21

Kauai Tops State For Percentage Of Unvaccinated School Kids

Hawaii Pushes Bank Of America To Resolve Multimillion-Dollar Dispute

Monday, March 18

Kauai: The Pig Man Of The Garden Isle

February 2019

Thursday, February 28

How Many Kids In Hawaii Have Been Vaccinated? The State Doesn’t Know

Tuesday, February 26

Kauai: Here’s A Place That Got Pounded With 519 Inches Of Rain Last Year

Tuesday, February 19

Kauai: Picking Up The Pieces After Big Disasters

January 2019

Thursday, January 24

Kauai: World’s Biggest Solar Power Plant Relies On A Flock Of Sheep

Monday, January 7

Kauai: Tourists Keep Coming To Queen’s Bath Despite The Deadly Danger

December 2018

Friday, December 28

Kauai: Zuckerberg Could Still Absorb Tiny Parcels Into His Estate

Friday, December 14

Kauai: Wash Off Those Invasive Species After A Hike Or Backcountry Drive

Thursday, December 6

Kauai: Tiny Radio Station Spreads Its Show Islandwide — And Beyond

November 2018

Wednesday, November 21

Kauai: On A Now Empty Beach, Signs Of Nature’s Comeback

Friday, November 9

Kauai: How The Island’s ‘Hyde Park’ Became A Magnet For Protests

Thursday, November 8

Kauai: The End Of An Era For Election Day Polling Places

October 2018

Monday, October 22

In Kauai Mayor’s Race, Rapozo Faces Uphill Battle Against Kawakami

Thursday, October 18

Kauai: Prominent Native Hawaiian Activist Arrested At Encampment

Wednesday, October 17

Kauai County Council Elections Shaping Up As A Free-For-All

Friday, October 12

Kauai: Council Members Want To End Term Limits — On Themselves

Wednesday, October 10

Kauai: A Rising Tide Of Abandoned Cars On The Garden Isle

Monday, October 1

Kauai: How This Popular DJ Became ‘Part of the Family’ On The Garden Isle

September 2018

Tuesday, September 18

Kauai: This Drag Revue Goes On After Star Performer’s Suicide

Wednesday, September 12

Kauai: Mayor Bernard Carvalho Ponders A Future Outside Of Politics

August 2018

Tuesday, August 28

Kauai: Lane Resoaks Areas That Were Deluged In April Storm

Wednesday, August 15

Kauai: Body Cameras Are Police Officers’ New Best Friends

Monday, August 13

Kauai: There May Be No Stopping Derek Kawakami’s Mayoral Campaign

Thursday, August 9

Kauai: No Island Is Immune From The Opioid Scourge

Wednesday, August 1

Kauai: A Tiny Company’s Big Battle Over Water Rights

July 2018

Tuesday, July 17

Kauai: Why Hanalei Has Turned Into A Traffic Nightmare

June 2018

Thursday, June 28

Kauai: Biggest Local Election In A Generation

Tuesday, June 19

Kauai: Why The Beef Industry Is Rapidly Expanding On The Garden Island

Monday, June 11

Kauai: The Unlikely Journey Of A Cello Named Henrietta

May 2018

Tuesday, May 15

Kauai: Peace, Quiet And A Revived Sense of Community

Friday, May 11

Kauai: Repairing Storm Damage Is A Chance To Solve Tourist Congestion

Friday, May 4

Kauai: Public Utility Gets Creative With Plan To Recirculate Reservoir Water

Tuesday, May 1

Kauai: Rum Distilleries Keep Hawaii’s Sugar Industry Alive

April 2018

Wednesday, April 18

Kauai: Record Storm Drives Tourists Out But Hanalei Residents Dig In

Tuesday, April 17

Kauai: The Path To Recovery In Hanalei Will Be A Long One

Monday, April 16

Kauai Storm: 28 Inches Of Rain Brings Landslides, Floods And Wrecked Homes

Wednesday, April 11

Kauai: County Will Sue Big Drug Companies Over Opioid Crisis

Tuesday, April 10

Kauai: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Has Few Friends On This Hawaiian Island

Monday, April 2

Kauai: The Death Spiral Of A Local Shopping Mall

March 2018

Wednesday, March 28

Kauai: Roman Polanski Victim Finds Refuge On Garden Island

Thursday, March 22

Allan Parachini: Coco Palms Battle Is A New Front In An Old War