Civil Beat Staff

Claire Caulfield

Claire Caulfield is a reporter for Honolulu Civil Beat and audio producer for the Offshore podcast.

As host of “Are We Doomed? And Other Burning Environmental Questions,” Claire answers reader questions about recycling, climate change, environmental education and agriculture. Her work on season 4 of Offshore focused on how Native Hawaiians changed U.S. History and shared the struggles and successes of life in the modern Hawaiian diaspora.

Claire has worked in Arizona, Louisiana, Washington D.C., Montana and New Jersey. Her reporting has won multiple awards, including a Rocky Mountain Emmy and a Webby.

If you want to talk about island issues or chat about your favorite podcasts, contact Claire at or @CaulfieldCM.

September 2020

Monday, September 21

So Are We Doomed? What I Learned Answering Your Questions About Hawaii’s Environment

Monday, September 7

What Has The Pandemic Taught Us About Climate Change?

Sunday, September 6

How Efforts To Save Hawaii’s Forests Are Preventing A ‘Freshwater Crisis’

August 2020

Friday, August 28

DOH Won’t Give Honolulu The Data It Needs To Detect Coronavirus In Our Sewage

Monday, August 24

Does My Electric Car Actually Help The Environment?

Tuesday, August 11

How Is Oahu’s Trash Impacting the Waianae Coast?

July 2020

Monday, July 27

How Do I Teach My Kids About Climate Change?

Friday, July 17

Honolulu Gets Creative In Efforts To Test Sewage For COVID-19

Monday, July 13

Why Doesn’t Honolulu Recycle More?

Monday, July 6

Beach Cleanups Prove Popular And Purposeful During Pandemic

June 2020

Monday, June 29

Is The Pandemic Creating More Litter?

Monday, June 15

Is There Environmental Racism In Hawaii?

Sunday, June 14

How Las Vegas Became Hawaii’s 9th Island

Sunday, June 7

The Forgotten Story Of How Hawaiians Transformed American Music

Monday, June 1

Can Aquarium Fishing Be Sustainable?

May 2020

Sunday, May 31

The Surprising History Of Hawaiians In The Civil War

Friday, May 22

Honolulu Is Testing Sewage To Watch For The Spread Of COVID-19

Monday, May 18

Where in the World Do We Send Our Recycling?

Monday, May 4

Are Cats Bad For Hawaii’s Environment?

April 2020

Monday, April 20

How Do I Grow My Own Food During A Pandemic?

Monday, April 6

What Can We Do With All Our Unrecyclable Plastic?

March 2020

Monday, March 23

Is Climate Change Affecting The Spread Of Disease?

Monday, March 9

How Do You Talk To People About Climate Change Without Freaking Them Out?

February 2020

Monday, February 24

Oil Constantly Leaks From The USS Arizona. Is That An Environmental Problem?

Monday, February 10

How Is Plastic Getting Into Hawaii’s Soil?

January 2020

Monday, January 27

What Is Hawaii Government Doing About Sea Level Rise?

Monday, January 13

What’s Up With Hawaii’s Garbage Dumps?

Mandatory Report On Hawaii Trash Disposal Hasn’t Been Filed In 4 Years