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Discussion: Civil Beat

Discussion: Civil Beat

At Civil Beat, we want to share with you our experience reporting stories, the interesting things we encounter along the…

Bringing Understanding to the Civil Unions Issue

At Civil Beat, we're committed to asking questions and providing perspective to help our members think about and discuss potentially divisive issues.

For the Homeless in Parks: No Tents, No Shopping Carts, No Arrests

Member Kazuyo Takagi responded to my post this morning about the homeless sleeping under tarps instead of in…

Instead of tents, we now have huddled masses under tarps in Ala Moana Beach Park

In the abalone light of dawn at Ala Moana Beach Park this morning, blue and green mounds lay scattered under…
A New Approach to Journalism

A New Approach to Journalism

Welcome to Civil Beat. We’re glad you decided to join us. I’d like to tell you about the journalism you can expect to find here from our team of reporter-hosts. It’s different.

Coming soon: May 4 launch

We’re glad you’re here. But we don’t want there to be any confusion. We’re not fully open for business. Think…