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Julia Steele

Julia Steele is the IDEAS editor for Honolulu Civil Beat.

Julia is a writer, an editor and a lawyer with a passion for work that honors the genius of our planet. She grew up as a nomad and by the time she arrived in Honolulu (at the age of 15), she had lived in Toronto, London, Marseille, Bangkok, Ibiza, Majuro, Jamaica, San Jose (Costa Rica’s San Jose) and Suva. Growing up this way taught her at a very young age to keep an open mind and ask a lot of questions. It also illustrated what a remarkably beautiful and diverse world we live in and the tremendous need to advocate for justice and goodness within that world.

At the University of Hawaii she earned a BA in journalism and Pacific history; at Stanford Law School she earned a JD with a focus on environmental and human rights law. In the 1990s she was the founding editor of the progressive newspaper, the Honolulu Weekly, and for many years she was the editor and then the editor at large for Hana Hou! magazine. She has worked in radio at KTUH (where she did a weekly news program on the Pacific Islands as well as jazz, blues and rock shows) and at Hawaiʻi Public Radio (where she did a series on aloha ʻāina and a jazz show).

You can reach Julia at

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