Michael Levine

Land Limits Hawaii’s Quest For Food, Energy Independence

Land Limits Hawaii’s Quest For Food, Energy Independence

How much land would it take to sustain a biofuel operation sufficient to replace the state's supply of fossil fuel? How many acres would be needed to grow enough food to feed its population?

UPDATE: Land Links for Thursday, May 20

Today's round up: a USGS report on Maui's streams, a USDOJ indictment for Kauai's birds and money trouble for the Big Island's Hokulia.
Clean Energy Splits Environmentalists

Clean Energy Splits Environmentalists

Several ambitious ideas for clean energy could help Hawaii become self-sufficient, but concerns about endangered species, open space and other issues have pit environmentalists against each other.

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Today's round up: Native Hawaiian burials make headlines, a Maui roadside is cleared, and more video on the BP oil spill surfaces.
Honolulu Rail Project Highlights Burial Concerns

Honolulu Rail Project Highlights Burial Concerns

The largest infrastructure project in Hawaii history will serve as a test case for how the governments of the state and its most populous city deal with the people charged with protecting Native Hawaiian remains: the burial council.

UPDATE: Hawaii Supreme Court Rejects Wal-Mart Burial Case

The state's highest court on Monday said it would not hear an appeal to a case stemming from the inadvertent discovery in Honolulu of 42 sets of Native Hawaiian burials.

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Today's round up: Hundreds of Oahu offices remain vacant, biodiesel waste can be re-recycled into soap and a lawmaker argues against selling public land.

UPDATE: A Long History Of Requests To Develop Farmland

A list of petitions to change land use designations from Agricultural and Conservation to Urban starts to fill in the where, when and who of 50 years of growth.

UPDATE: Land Links for Monday, May 17

Today's round up: more archaeological study mandated on the Big Island, genetically modified crops thrive on Kauai and research links pesticides to ADD.