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Nick Grube

Nick Grube is the Washington, D.C. correspondent for Honolulu Civil Beat. Prior to that he was an investigative reporter focusing on criminal justice and legal affairs, a position that led him to one of the largest public corruption scandals in Hawaii history. The case, which is still ongoing, resulted in the federal indictment of a former police chief, his prosecutor wife and several police officers.

Nick’s coverage of police misconduct has resulted in several changes to Hawaii law, including the creation of a new oversight agency to make sure officers meet minimum training standards and requirements. His series on problem officers in the Honolulu Police Department helped spur the creation of the Civil Beat Law Center for the Public Interest, a nonprofit law firm that helps citizens and journalists get access to public records. The law center has represented Civil Beat in several cases some of which have been argued before the Hawaii Supreme Court.

In 2015, Nick and a colleague undertook a investigative project that uncovered major shortcomings in financial oversight of Honolulu’s multi-billion dollar rail project that was both behind schedule and over-budget. As a result, the Honolulu City Council changed city law to require the agency overseeing the project to provide more detailed financial information to the public about the subcontractors working on the project.

Nick’s career in journalism began at the University of Wisconsin—Madison and took him to California, Oregon, Hawaii and Washington, D.C. He’s covered everything from prison gangs to politics. His work has been recognized by several organizations, including the California Newspaper Publishers Association, Society of Professional Journalists and Online News Association. He was selected in 2018 by the National Press Foundation for the Paul Miller Washington Reporting Fellowship, a nine month program for promising young journalists based in the nation’s capital.

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