Kalihi resident and teacher Ryan Mandado is running for the Honolulu City Council seat currently held by Joey Manahan, who is term-limited.

Ryan Mandado said he will work to ensure “equitable community decisions are made to support all people.” Courtesy: Ryan Mandado

The chief academic officer of DreamHouse Ewa Beach Public Charter School, Mandado previously headed the special education department at James Campbell High School and chaired the Kalihi-Palama Neighborhood Board. He is running to represent District 7, which covers communities like Kalihi, Iwilei, Salt Lake, Aliamanu, Hickam and Sand Island.

If elected, he said he would address issues including crime and violence, homelessness and government accountability.

“People are dying. People don’t feel safe. People are on the verge of being homeless,” Mandado said in a statement. “We need government leaders to advocate for the success of all people. Many do not feel heard.”

He said his experience as an educator has informed his perspective as a candidate.

“As a teacher, I know what it’s like to struggle to pay the bills,” he said. “I also know what it’s like to work with families and children who struggle to feel physically and economically safe in their communities. I look forward to bringing my district together and serving as a leader who reflects their lived experiences.”

Mandado is running against at least two other candidates for the council seat. Manahan’s chief of staff Radiant Cordero and Jacob Aki, chief of staff for state Senate Majority Leader Kalani English, are also running.

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