The federal prosecutor leading the years-long corruption probe in Honolulu says attorneys have agreed to sentencing dates for Louis and Katherine Kealoha and others convicted in the case more than a year ago.

The effort to control the spread of coronavirus in Hawaii has delayed sentencing in this case as well as many others.

Now, according to a letter to U.S. District Court Judge J. Michael Seabright from Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Wheat, lawyers representing Louis Kealoha and Katherine Kealoha can be available for sentencing on Nov. 3. Lawyers for two Honolulu police officers convicted in the case — Derek Hahn and Minh Hung “Bobby” Nguyen — can be available on Nov. 4.

Former Honolulu police chief Louis Kealoha, his former deputy prosecutor wife, Katherine, and the two former officers were convicted on a number of felony charges in June 2019 in connection with the theft of the Kealohas mailbox, a federal crime that the couple tried to frame her uncle for with the help of police officers. The Kealohas also pleaded guilty to other felonies related to misuse of funds and bank fraud stemming from money Katherine was overseeing for two children as their financial guardian.

Federal prosecutors have recommended a sentence of 14 years for Katherine and about seven years for Louis. She has been in custody in the Federal Detention Center in Honolulu since the trial; he has been out on bail. Louis filed for divorce from Katherine in October.

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