We are excited to announce two new Civil Beat membership plans today: Daily Membership and Discussion Membership.

Daily Membership

We understand that some of you might want to pop into Civil Beat every now and then (hopefully it’s more “now” than “then”). Perhaps it’s because you’re pressed for time, or your budget doesn’t allow for a monthly recurring membership. Whatever the case may be, we’re here to provide solutions. Our solution is the $1.49 Daily membership that gives you the ability to read that day’s edition (including updates throughout the day) until midnight (Hawaii time), which is when we typically publish the next day’s edition. For a limited time, the Daily Membership will also give you full access to all the articles we have ever published.

As a Daily Member, you are also invited to participate in our discussions alongside our Full Members and the entire Civil Beat team.

The Daily Membership is non-recurring. This means that you need to buy it only on the days you would like to read our full content.

Discussion Membership

Thanks to the founding Civil Beat members who have led by their example, our discussions are off to a great start! They are thoughtful and constructive. It’s amazing what happens when people own their own words and stand behind them. It’s always a rush to see new names adding new perspectives and experiences in the conversations each day.

At 99 cents for 30 days, our Discussion Membership provides a way for even more people to engage in our discussions without purchasing our Daily Editions or becoming a Full Member.

Discussion Membership is also non-recurring so you don’t have to worry about being charged next month if you’ve lost interest in the discussions. It’s a one-time payment for 30 days of access.

Of course, our full membership for $19.99 a month gets you everything Civil Beat has to offer: 50-60 thought-provoking articles per month, easy-to-understand research and analysis on important issues and participation in all discussions. We deeply appreciate the support that our full members provide with their monthly memberships!

Our Membership Plan overview page provides a summary of all our membership plans available to you. We hope that these two new membership options will give people even more ways to enjoy our articles and topic pages, and participate in discussions.

As always, we invite you to share your thoughts here.

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