Honolulu Lifestyles
909 Kapahulu Ave.

Margo Powell and her 19-year-old daughter, Presley Pawn, knew they snagged a good location for their Honolulu Lifestyles boutique when they saw the busy road, windy from the rushing traffic. As a boutique owner with an eclectic collection of goods, from swimsuits to dresses to jewelry, Powell thought that sparking a new fad in Kangoo Jumps – what look like rollerblade boots with one big plastic loop, instead of skates – could bring enough sales, but it wasn’t been enough.

“It’s been getting better in the past months but compared to years prior, it’s still down,”
said Pawn, sitting in the empty store.

Summers are typically the store’s busy months, but if business doesn’t pick up, they might change to try a new store concept to attract more people, says Powell.

“We’re just getting by,” she says.

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