Across our screens today:

  • It’s official: gods can’t trade stocks — at least as ruled by a court in India. “Let gods remain in the temples, let them not come out for commercial trading,” said the judges. Planet Money asks whether this is a known behavior for deities.

  • Someone buys almost all the cocoa registered in European warehouses for $1 billion last week, the largest cocoa trade in 14 years.
  • Big Money launches Cash Crop, a new blog devoted to one of the top crops in the country: pot.
  • Are we in a cupcake bubble?
  • Private school tuition still rises, though the increase is less than those in more economically prosperous years.
  • At $32.75 per day, parking in Honolulu ranks the second most expensive — even more expensive than parking in Manhattan.
  • A paper on investing in young people. When are the peak times to invest?

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