Across our screens today:

  • Equity analysts have been overly optimistic for the past quarter century.
  • Gay and lesbian couples save “significantly more” for retirement than straight, married couples. Straight, cohabitating couples also save more for retirement than straight married couples.
  • Confessions of former debt collectors.
  • Writing about the economy and elections.
  • Monetary theory from a Chinese historical perspective.
  • A paper on “African-American Economic Progress in Urban Areas: A Tale of 14 American Cities.”
  • Unemployment declines in all but six states. Hawaii’s unemployment rate declined almost imperceptibly — less than half a percent in May.
  • Readers of the Planet Money blog suggest new symbols for the dollar sign.
  • U.S. Senate Committee on Appropriations approves more than $34.3 million for agriculture projects in Hawaii.
  • State delays cuts to a program that helps special-needs children because it first needs to draft new administrative rules. The reduction could shut out some 260 children from qualifying for the program and save the state as much as $5 million.

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