I’m happy to share that we’ve added two new members to the Civil Beat team: Lena Tran and Dan Zelikman.

No, they’re not journalists. But they will play important roles in helping Civil Beat continue to grow. More important, you’ll likely see and interact with Lena and Dan so a proper introduction to the Civil Beat family only felt appropriate.

Lena Tran

Lena manages all aspects of Civil Beat’s day-to-day operations. Things such as making sure that your inquiries get answered, that our books pass strict accounting audits, and handling basically anything related to the business. Most of all, Lena makes sure that everything runs smoothly at Civil Beat.

Before joining Civil Beat, Lena served as finance manager at Ashoka, where she split her time between the finance team and Changemakers’ operations team.  Prior to Ashoka, Lena served as an accountant at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center in Washington, D.C. 

A native of Santa Barbara, California, Lena graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a degree in Business Economics and Global Peace and Security.  Lena comes from a closely knit family including her three siblings, 19 aunts and uncles and 32 cousins. She doesn’t have any family members in Hawaii so she considers the Civil Beat staff her extended family (for better or worse).

Some things most folks don’t know about Lena: Lena wanted to grow up to be a Laker Girl and she finds that “journalists are surprisingly witty.”

Dan Zelikman

Dan is tasked with making sure that Civil Beat is filled with members that reflect Hawaii’s diversity and that everyone plays well together in the Civil Beat sandbox. Putting it in more traditional speak, Dan is responsible for marketing & community at Civil Beat.

Before Civil Beat, Dan was the director of Digital Marketing for Anthology Marketing Group, Hawaii’s largest full service marketing agency. There Dan focused on developing digital solutions for his clients and often spoke around the islands on community-based business strategies.

Dan was born in New York and has studied in New England, Sweden, and throughout Australia. His previous endeavors included working in the fitness and nutrition industries as well as on Wall Street in the foreign exchange marketplace. 

Some things most folks don’t know about Dan: He has trouble communicating in more than 140 characters, he loves to explore Hawaii, surf waves, climb mountains, and hike off the beaten path. Dan thinks that “board meetings should only happen on the water.”

Noelle Chun

Finally, Noelle Chun, our Money reporter-host has decided to pursue other opportunities outside of Civil Beat. On behalf of the rest of the team, I’d like to express my gratitude to Noelle for her contributions to Civil Beat. I appreciate her commitment to truth & fairness, as well as her technical and social media proficiency. We’ve been working with Noelle on a seamless transition and have a plan in place that will allow us to keep covering the Money beat in a way that you’ve come to expect and deserve. Noelle’s last day will be August 18.

Please help me welcome Lena and Dan to Civil Beat and join me in wishing Noelle all the best in her future endeavors!

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