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3:53 p.m. Rail Lawsuit Ruling, Oral Arguments Soon

A federal judge today handed down a ruling in the lawsuit challenging the environmental review for the Honolulu rail project.

It appears to be a purely technical matter — more than a dozen uncontested documents are allowed into evidence, but the city’s statements about the nature of those documents aren’t allowed in yet.

Those opinions, presumably, will be shared during oral arguments on the motion for partial judgment filed by the city and the Federal Transit Administration that would dismiss portions of the lawsuit, filed by and other opponents.

Last week, lawyers for all parties were instructed to contact a court clerk to schedule the next court appearance. The options are Tuesday, Nov. 15, Wednesday Nov. 30 or Thursday, Dec. 1, according to court filings. The oral arguments and status/scheduling conference will be held at the U.S. Courthouse building here in Honolulu.

Here’s U.S. Circuit Judge A. Wallace Tashima‘s Monday ruling:

3:41 p.m. Landfill Site Committee Reconvening Next Week

From a city press release:

The Mayor’s Advisory Committee on Landfill Site Selection reconvenes meetings November 8 at 9 a.m. in the Mayor’s Conference Room at Honolulu Hale.

Two meetings in August were postponed as the nine-member Committee asked the consultant, R.M. Towill Corporation, to investigate potential landfill sites within Oahu’s Underground Injection Control (UIC) Line and No Pass Zone.

11:31 a.m. HUD’s Deadline Day

Today’s the final day of October. Yes, that means it’s Halloween. But something much scarier is going on: The city could lose $8 million in federal funds if it doesn’t come up with a plan to bring a Wahiawa elderly care center into compliance with grant standards.

Yes, today is the final deadline for Honolulu Hale‘s response to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Get the latest scoop over at DC808.

8:43 a.m. Occupy Honolulu Calendar of Events

From a weekend email sent to Inside Honolulu:

Upcoming Occupy Honolulu Events:

  • Sunday, October 30 @ 2pm – General Assembly at Thomas Square (625 S Beretania St)

  • Monday, October 31 @ 6:30pm – General Assembly at Thomas Square

  • Tuesday, November 1 @ 6:30pm – General Assembly at Thomas Square

  • Wednesday, November 2 @ 6:30pm – General Assembly at Thomas Square

  • Thursday, November 3 @ 4:00pm – APEC Protest outside UH Manoa Campus Center Ballroom

  • Thursday, November 3 @ 6:00pm – Non-violent Direct Action Training at Thomas Square followed by General Assembly at 7:00pm

  • Friday, November 4 @ 6:30pm – General Assembly at Thomas Square

  • Saturday, November 5 – ALL DAY Event

    • Rally at Thomas Square (Ward/Beretania) @ 11am
    • March to the Capitol @ 12pm
    • Potluck lunch after march
    • General Assembly @ 2pm
    • Soap Box @ 3pm
    • Encampment to be announced!
      More details at
      We are the 99%. We will not be silent. Join us!

Silent Homeless Advocate Identified

When the Honolulu City Council last met a month ago, Inside Honolulu pointed out a gentleman in attendance with a basket of his belongings who we thought might be interested in the proposed ban on storing personal belongings on public property. We wrote: “It’s not clear if he’s here to testify on that bill, but it’s not an unreasonable guess.”

Here’s the photo from that day:

Michael Levine/Civil Beat

The man didn’t testify that day. But one of our readers recognized him, and sent us an email last week. Here’s what she wrote:

I’m not positive, but the photo of the man above looks like David Cannell. He is featured in an article by Ka ‘Ohana, Windward Community College‘s newspaper. Mr. Cannell is homeless after losing his job at Continental Paper, where he worked for 26 years. He now spends time researching information on the homeless problem, and frequently attends legislature meetings to see how the problem is being addressed.

Here is the link if you would like to read about this man:

We read the story, and agree that the man in our photo bears a striking resemblance to the man featured in that piece. You should read it too.

The bill in question comes back on the agenda Wednesday in Kapolei. Will David Cannell be there?

Cock Collecting Contract Concerns Reach Carlisle

Critics of the city contract that pays rooster breeders — some of whom have supported cockfighting as a cultural activity — to pick up loose and noisy chickens may have found a sympathetic ear in the Carlisle administration.

Humane Society Legislative Fund President Michael Markarian wrote on his blog last week that the $60,000 annual contract is up for renewal come Nov. 1 (tomorrow).

Markarian said Managing Director Doug Chin “has assured us that he is investigating our complaint.”

The post includes this photo, for emphasis:

Berg’s MagLev Ballot Question

Among the interesting items on the agenda for Wednesday’s full Honolulu City Council meeting in Kapolei is a resolution introduced by anti-rail crusader Tom Berg that would, if passed, instruct the City Clerk to put a rail-related question on the ballot for the third straight election.

In 2008, voters were asked if the city should pursue steel-on-steel rail, and they said yes. In 2010, voters were asked if the city should create a semi-autonomous rail agency to manage the project, and again the answer was yes. In 2012, if Berg gets his way, voters will be asked this:

Shall the Revised City Charter be amended to prohibit the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation from developing, operating, maintaining, and expanding a fixed guideway system that includes “steel wheel on steel rail” technology?

Elsewhere in the resolution, Berg offers magnetic levitation (MagLev) and monorail technologies as alternatives.

What would you vote on the question if you saw it on the ballot next year? Chime in below in the comments.

“Further Review” for Water Rate Hike

The Board of Water Supply still wants to raise rates, but it’s going to revisit the proposal put out earlier this year that would hike them by almost 10 percent per year over the next five years.

That’s from a city press release put out late Friday, which says that the Board “will be undertaking a further water rate study regarding its proposal.”

KITV reports that a change in plans would cause a delay, giving water users a “temporary reprieve.”

Council Coming to Kapolei Wednesday

The Honolulu City Council is holding a rare full meeting outside of Honolulu Hale this week. On Wednesday, members will meet in Kapolei, and they’ll be taking up a number of issues related to the Leeward Coast and Ewa Plain.

The agenda, published to the city’s website Friday, includes the following interesting items, with Kapolei-specific stuff on top:

  • Public hearing for Bill 50, amending the Waianae Sustainable Communities Plan.
  • Resolution 11-263, which would urge the city to develop a public shooting complex in Kalaeloa.
  • Resolution 11-283, which would urge the city to develop a public-private partnership for a paintball gaming complex in Kalaeloa.
  • Third reading of Bill 47, which would regulate the number and size of political signs on private property.
  • Resolution 11-327, which would require that Council members who disclose a conflict of interest also abstain from voting on those matters in which they have a conflict of interest.

Where’s Carlisle?

At 9 a.m. today, Mayor Peter Carlisle is scheduled to deliver remarks at a Honolulu Fire Department promotion ceremony honoring the newly promoted assistant fire chief and fire captains. The event is at Hale Kinai Ahi.

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