In February, Don Farley was helping a group of kitesurfers launch their contraptions off the beach at Kailua Bay park. He was cited by police for illegal commercial activity, which is prohibited at the park.

You can read the Community Voice Don wrote for us about the whole experience here but suffice it to say that the retired Pearl Harbor shipyard project manager was not happy that he had to spend hundreds of dollars to fight the ticket in court.

That day in court came Tuesday and, probably to no one’s surprise, the case against Don was dismissed.

According to an email Don sent us, the court proceeding was about 90 minutes late getting started and just before he thought he would be called to answer for the crime, the deputy prosecutor announced the case was being tossed.

“At first I was thinking yes! victory! beers for all,” Don writes. “Then I realized again what a sad, sad way to be treated at a public park in Kailua. Even if you are law abiding, there is nothing to prevent a kiter from receiving a citation and being drug into the legal system, forced to spend an unreasonable amount of time and money to explain why they liked to help people.”

“Draw your own conclusions but for me it created new friendships and reminded me of what a most excellent beach community we have. Be positive, don’t judge people and kite, kite, kite.

“Aloha, Don”

kitesurfing kailua kite

A kitesurfer on Kailua Beach.

Don Farley


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