Hawaii isn’t the only state that lacks affordable housing.

In fact, a recent analysis by CityLab found that there is no county in the U.S. that has enough affordable housing.

The affordable housing crisis is national, and it’s growing, the study found. In 2000, just 37 out of every 100 low-income families could afford their rents; now, that figure is down to 28 out of every 100 families, according to the study.

CityLab analyzed new research from the Urban Institute that shows since 2000, rents across the nation have increased, and so have the number of families who need low-income housing.

In the same time period, federal housing-assistance programs have grown, but haven’t kept up with the need, the study said.

In Honolulu, there were 27 units for every 100 extremely low-income families. In some other states like California and Florida, there were as few as 15 units available for every 100 families, the study found.

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