University of Hawaii journalism students have launched a lovely looking online news site, kicking it off this month with a series that investigates pesticide use on Oahu’s north shore farms.

Called Ho’a O’ahu, the site’s presentation alone makes it worth a gander. But the UH journalism students under Professor Brett Oppegaard’s tutelage are also delivering some promising content on a critical issue in Hawaii and elsewhere around the world.

Ho'a O'ahu is an online news site by University of Hawaii journalism students.
Ho’a O’ahu is an online news site by University of Hawaii journalism students. Screenshot

Managing Editor Lovely Highley and Alex Bitter, Jessica Homrich, Brad Dell and Jordan Segundo comprise the management team. They’re backed by a nine-member investigative team and seven-member features team.

The site says they chose the name Ho’a from the Hawaiian word for “ignite,” and that their motto is “igniting our voices.” The group’s goal is to provide “impactful content that is relevant to the young adults on O’ahu,” according to its website.

Given that ho’a also means “to herd” and “to talk much,” it seems more than apt. Here’s hoping they talk a lot about the things that need changed here, and maybe in the process herd some decision-makers into taking action.

Check out the site here.

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