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UPDATE: Land Links for Tuesday, May 18

Today's round up: Hundreds of Oahu offices remain vacant, biodiesel waste can be re-recycled into soap and a lawmaker argues against selling public land.

UPDATE: Land Links for Monday, May 17

Today's round up: more archaeological study mandated on the Big Island, genetically modified crops thrive on Kauai and research links pesticides to ADD.

UPDATE: Land Links for Friday, May 14

Today's round up: a windmill deal on Oahu, rock and hedge removal on Maui and a dead seal on Kauai.

UPDATE: Land Links for Thursday, May 13

Today's round-up: public land without public access, trails so busy they can't be maintained and environmentalists' scheme to cause the oil spill.

UPDATE: Land Links for Wednesday, May 12

Today's round-up: a koa forest hits the auction block, dead animal smells are scaring tourists in Kauai and a cemetery expansion is put on hold.

UPDATE: We’ve Had the Driest Winter In 30 Years, But What Does It Mean?

Less rain fell during the past wet season than during almost every other winter since Hawaii became a state. As the dry season begins with drought, what does it mean for the summer?

UPDATE: Land Links for Tuesday, May 11

Today's round-up: hydroelectric power, noisy coqui frogs and a new take on preserving historic buildings.

UPDATE: Maui Water Dispute Heating Up

A fight over water rights in East Maui has been raging for years. Local farmers, the state's last remaining sugar producer and others could soon get an answer.
Is Hawaii Ready For ‘Worst Case Scenario’ Oil Spill?

Is Hawaii Ready For ‘Worst Case Scenario’ Oil Spill?

With the British Petroleum oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico threatening the ecosystem and economy of multiple U.S. states, Hawaii leaders say a response system is in place to deal with a spill in the Pacific.

UPDATE: Land Links for Monday, May 10

A round-up of worthwhile reading on land use and environmental issues for Monday, May 10.