Climate Change Threatens To Worsen Health Disparities In Hawaii

Native Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders already face disproportionately high rates of diseases like diabetes.

Maui Is No Longer Safe For Hawaii’s Endangered Birds, Biologists Say

New refuges are sought as scientists battle disease-carrying mosquitoes in the face of a changing climate.

How Do You Talk To People About Climate Change Without Freaking Them Out?

A majority of adults in Hawaii know global warming is happening, but not many discuss the issue with friends, family or co-workers.

The Future For Fishing: Managing A Lucrative Resource In The Face Of Climate Change

Congressional leaders are considering ways to make the nation's primary fisheries management law more effective as the planet warms.

Six Feet Above: Where To Draw The Line On Sea Level Rise

Lawmakers are considering how far to set back new developments as well as specific strategies to deal with climate change.

Hawaii 2040: What We Learned About Climate Change

The ambitious reporting project found myriad reasons for the public to be pessimistic about the effects of a warming planet on the islands. But also reasons for hope.

Assessing Hawaii’s Zika Risk And Avoiding Carbon Offset Scams

We answer reader-submitted questions about man-of-war invasions, carbon offsets, Zika outbreaks and an inter-island ferry system.

Deadly Mosquitoes Are Killing Off Hawaii’s Rare Forest Birds

Scientists are racing to eradicate disease-carrying mosquitoes from forests, but to some a solution still feels like forever away.

How The Gas Company Plans To Fight A Bill Banning Gas Water Heaters

Hawaii Gas faces an uncertain future as the state moves to renewables. Now it's creating a new entity to help advocate for gas.

They’ve Watched Our Climate Changing For Decades From High Atop Mauna Loa

For 60 years, scientists have documented the rising trend of carbon dioxide levels as fossil fuel emissions continue to increase.

Poll: Oahu Voters Want Action On Climate Change

A new survey finds high levels of support for doing things individually and collectively to address the effects of a warming planet.

How A Doctor And A Reverend On Oahu Became Climate Warriors

The two are taking new approaches to their work in the face of climate change.  

How Will Climate Change Affect Surfing In Hawaii?

Some iconic surf breaks could be completely eliminated while others will see bigger waves than ever before.

My Slog To Find Rare Birds In A Remote Maui Rainforest

Nine cold, wet, showerless days crawling on my knees in the mud on the side of a mountain. What's not to love?

Why Gonzo Artist Ralph Steadman Drew The Endangered Kiwikiu For Us

The tiny Hawaii forest bird, threatened by climate change and habitat loss, is finding additional support from 7,000 miles away.

Fighting To Save This Rare Maui Forest Bird From Extinction

A team of biologists brought 13 critically endangered Maui parrotbills to the other side of Haleakala to save the species from extinction. But less than a month later, only three birds have survived.

Hawaii Gas Faces Uncertain Future In State’s Renewable Energy Push

A bill to limit the use of natural gas in new homes could be a first step to broader bans, a gas company official says.

Honolulu’s First ‘Climathon’ Tackles The Challenges Of Green Tourism

The winners of the hackathon proposed giving beach toys a second life as a way to reduce visitors' environmental footprint.

Conflicts, Antitrust Questions Raised Regarding Maui Solar Farm

Utilities and others are concerned that the same lawyers are representing multiple parties in a competitive bidding process.

Hawaii’s Push To Plant Millions Of Trees

Climate change, bureaucracy and goats are all complicating efforts to combat carbon emissions with more greenery.

Why Hawaii Still Has So Few Electric Cars

Only about 1% of cars here are electric vehicles. Advocates say boosting that number requires mandating builders install charging stations at new developments.

Fish Poop: Our Secret Weapon Against Beach Erosion

The uhu fish are “lawnmowers of the sea” and play a vital role in producing sand. But they’re at risk.

Record Heat Thrusts Hawaii Corals Into ‘New Era’ Of Bleaching

The reefs have never had to endure such conditions. Marine scientists remain optimistic but warn that time is running out for society to step up.

Report: Climate Change Is Hurting Oceans — And Us — More Than Expected

The first ocean-specific report by a prestigious international panel underscores the urgency of taking action now to reduce carbon emissions and limit global warming.

Is This The New Normal? Hawaii Wrestles With Record Heat

Climatologists are frustrated by the lack of action in response to manmade global warming, but there are some simple solutions that could provide relief.

Why The Growing Demand For AC Threatens Hawaii’s Renewable Energy Goals

Far more residents now have air conditioning to deal with a warming climate. But their increased electrical use makes the problem worse.

With Sea Level Rise, The Fate of Hawaii’s Most Vulnerable Roads Is Uncertain

Climate change is already taking a toll on coastal highways. Some of those roads may eventually be abandoned to the rising seas, a top official warns.

Bans, Trade-Ins and Take-Homes: Ideas For Reducing Food Packaging in Hawaii

The movement to reduce single-use plastics in Hawaii is moving beyond straws, but current health codes restrict personal containers from being used at take-out restaurants.

Will Hawaii Lead The Renewables Revolution?

Hawaii has positioned itself as a pioneer in the quest to move toward a fossil-free future. How it deals with obstacles in its path to 100% renewable energy could hold lessons for the rest of the U.S.

We’re Ramping Up Our Climate Coverage. Here’s Why

Civil Beat is joining with more than 250 news organizations around the world this week in an effort to reframe the way journalists cover this pressing global issue.

How Climate Change Will Affect Hawaii’s Favorite Fish

Warmer waters are shifting the size and behavior of ahi in the Pacific, which could affect prices for consumers. But it's not all doom and gloom.

Air Travel’s Carbon Footprint Takes A Big Environmental Toll In Hawaii

Carbon emissions from planes are only now starting to get some of the attention as other troubling side effects caused by soaring numbers of tourists.

Hawaii Is Losing As Much Of Its Land To Wildfires As Any Other State

Climate change and poor land management are fueling fires that are burning a significant portion of Hawaii's land.

Trump Weakens Protections For Hawaii’s Imperiled Plants And Animals

The revised Endangered Species Act regulations flabbergasted environmentalists who are concerned about warding off more extinctions.

Climate Change Is Making Hawaii’s Beaches More Dangerous

The effects of a rapidly warming planet have reshaped the work of lifeguards, emergency responders and health officials.

This Rare Island Waterbird Is Becoming Citified

The endangered Hawaiian stilt is increasingly found on soccer fields, golf courses and wastewater treatment sites. But its adaptability poses new risks.

‘We’re Not Scared’: Hawaii Confronts Next Wave Of Climate Change

Local emerging leaders and experts in their fields expound on the importance of bringing diverse minds to the table to develop solutions.

Podcast: Our Journey To The Last Wild Place

The story behind Civil Beat's award-winning multimedia project, and how the trip is informing our current reporting on climate change.

Dozens Of Climate Change Bills Went Down The Political Drain This Session

There was a lot of talk about the need to address sea level rise and other problems but virtually no action in the Hawaii Legislature.

VIDEO: What Is A Carbon Tax?

Climate and economic experts believe carbon taxes can change consumer habits and slow down the effects of climate change.

Hawaii Lawmakers Have Largely Dropped The Ball On Slowing Climate Change

Efforts to address the effects of a warming planet on a vulnerable island state have mostly fallen short this session.

Buyer Beware: Oceanfront Homes Keep Going Up Despite Rising Seas

Now, Hawaii lawmakers are considering bills that force sellers to tell prospective owners about vulnerable coastal properties.

Neutralizing Our Carbon Footprint, One Tree At A Time

Civil Beat teamed with a UH climate professor and the Malama Learning Center to offset some of our staff's greenhouse gas emissions.

Many Climate Change Bills Are Still Alive, Including A Carbon Tax

At the session's halfway point, several new measures have support. But some current initiatives will expire if action isn't taken.

Losing A Beachfront Home Isn’t Just A Rich Person’s Problem

As the sea level rise exacerbates coastal erosion, many longtime middle-class residents are struggling to protect their properties.

Study: Moving Ourselves Away From The Shoreline Is Hard But Doable

A new report sheds light on some of the critical factors for the state to consider when implementing a managed retreat strategy.

These Rare Seabirds Are Having Babies On Oahu’s North Shore

Years of chopping down invasive trees, replanting native species and controlling predators may be paying off for albatross threatened by sea level rise.

Should Hawaii Tax Carbon Emissions To Combat Climate Change?

Several measures in the Legislature give the public a chance to weigh in on what could be a sweeping environmental policy reform.

Developing An Action Plan For Oahu: ‘The Climate Is Not Waiting For Us’

Officials with the city climate office toured the island over the past few months to spread public awareness of the issue and gather feedback on ways to reduce emissions.

We Have To Move Our Homes And Businesses Away From The Shoreline. But How?

Hawaii lawmakers will confront major policy questions this session as they grapple with looming problems from a warming planet.

Massive Flood Risks Don’t Deter Kauai Homeowners From Rebuilding

Kauai has tightened requirements for shoreline development, but they don't take into account more alarming recent predictions of the impact of climate change and rising seas.

Fighting Climate Change Will Cost The State Millions

The state Department of Land and Natural Resources says money is urgently needed to protect beaches, watersheds, native species and more.

Fight Against Climate Change Is ‘An All-Out, All-In War’

Keynote speaker at Hawaii Climate Conference cites importance of equitability in how we respond to the effects of a warming planet.

Hawaii 2040: Climate Change Is Already Here. And We’re Running Out Of Time

Scientists predict the worst will hit in about 21 years. But Hawaii is already feeling the effects of a warming planet. What are we going to do about it?