The Trial

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TV Reporter No Longer Sought As Witness In Corruption Trial

Hawaii News Now reporter Lynn Kawano had said the move to call her to the stand was retaliation for her prior coverage.

Hawaii News Now: Kealohas Are Retaliating Against Our Reporter

Lynn Kawano of Hawaii News Now says in court records that the Kealohas are trying to stop her from covering the trial because of her investigative reports.

From ‘Flying Carpets’ To The Kealohas: Hawaii’s Rich History Of Scandal

Stories of misdeeds and corruption have helped shape Hawaii’s history, going back to a royal opium scandal that contributed to efforts to overthrow the monarchy.

Trisha Kehaulani Watson: How I Became A Witness In The Kealoha Corruption Trial

At the top of their game, Kat and Louie were one of the most recognized, and I’ll dare say, well-liked couples I knew.

Hundreds Of Potential Jurors Screened On Opening Day Of Kealoha Trial

The prosecution and defense will now work to narrow the list of potential jurors to 12, which could take up to 10 days.

The Kealoha Trial Begins

The theft of a mailbox, which federal prosecutors say was staged, opened the door to the largest public corruption scandal in Hawaii history.