Attorney General OKs Honolulu’s Process To Designate Important Ag Lands

The Hawaii Land Use Commission must now make tough choices as many landowners say their property isn’t fit for growing much, if anything.

How The Hunt For The Perfect Sweet Potato May Help Hawaii Farmers

Six researchers published a study that found two new and promising Hawaiian heritage sweet potatoes that could bring millions back to native people.

Accelerator’s New Venture Fund Is Helping Ag-Based Companies Expand

Four-year-old Mana Up is now providing a tool in addition to business advice: cash to grow.

Saving Hawaii’s Banana Industry ‘One Good Banana’ At A Time

Gabriel Sachter-Smith is on a mission to find the perfect banana for Hawaii. He’s already got 200 varieties in the works.

Can Urban Farming Solve Hawaii’s Food Crisis?

High-tech farming is costly and limited in what it can grow, but techniques could help Hawaii with its dependency on food imports.

Climate Change Is A Big Problem For Farmers In Hawaii

More fires. Worse drought. Excessive heat. The state’s agriculture industry is facing serious environmental problems in the years ahead.

Hawaii’s Embattled Ag Agency Finally Moves Wahiawa Center Forward

A new product development center is being heralded by supporters as evidence that the Agribusiness Development Corp. is making progress.

Raising Chickens Became More Than A Hobby For Some During The Pandemic

It’s part of a growing trend of people pushing for more opportunities to take food security into their own hands.

How One Hawaii Man Is Using An Invasive Tree To Nurture His Community

The Westside resident thinks kiawe trees can revolutionize Oahu’s food system and help the next generation learn to love where they live.

The State Does A Lot To Help Farmers In Hawaii. But It’s Not Enough

Farmers need better technology, data and transportation subsidies if Hawaii’s agricultural industry is going to grow substantially in the coming decades.

Do We Want More Local Food Or Cheaper Power? Two Hawaii Priorities Conflict

Renewable energy companies say Honolulu’s plan to designate 12% of Oahu as “Important Agricultural Lands” could hinder the state’s ability to meet its clean energy goals.

Maui’s Got A Brand New Ag Department. Now What?

Voters in Maui County approved a charter amendment to create Hawaii’s first county-level agriculture department. Now organizers need to determine exactly what the agency will work on.

Some Hawaii Farms Want To Keep Feeding Locals — Even As Tourism Returns

As the threat of COVID-19 subsides, some local food growers say they will continue to prioritize local families that kept them afloat during the pandemic over the tourism industry.

Plan For Hawaii’s ‘Important Agricultural Lands’ Is On Hold Pending An AG Opinion

The effort to protect ag land and encourage farming — which has been in the works for more than a decade — is facing growing opposition.

Small Oahu Landowners Say They Were Blindsided By Ag Land Plan

The state Land Use Commission has scheduled two days of hearings beginning Wednesday to try to sort through Honolulu’s plan for designating Important Agricultural Lands.

The Fight Over Hawaii’s ‘Important Agricultural Lands’

Many Oahu property owners are angry and worried their lives could be suddenly upended by a major land use proposal that has been in the works for decades.

How To Enter The Civil Beat Recipe Challenge

Let’s reduce our reliance on imported food by learning how to cook with more local ingredients.

Want Hawaii To Be Less Dependent On Imported Food? Change Your Diet

Hawaii will never be a big producer of wheat or rice, but there are plenty of homegrown alternatives.

A Maui Farmer’s Dream: Where Food, Not Fences, Separates The Homes

Facing a shortage of affordable agricultural land, a Maui farmer is forging unique partnerships with high-end homeowners to grow food in their yards.

Hawaii’s Food Hubs Find Strength In Numbers

A group of food hubs came together to support legislation that would win them new access to grant money. The bill failed, but the networking is paying off.

How Hawaii Squandered Its Food Security — And What It Will Take To Get It Back

Hawaii’s reliance on food imports began in the 1960s. To achieve self-sufficiency again, experts say it will take old values and new tools.

How People Across Hawaii Are Creating Spaces To Grow Their Own Food

Locally grown vegetables are expensive, so communities are coming together to grow fresh produce.

How The Westside Is Restoring The Coconut Tree As A Food Source In Hawaii

A group from the University of Hawaii West Oahu sees planting coconut trees as a way of improving food security and cultural ties in Hawaii.

How Addressing Hawaii’s Affordable Housing Crisis Could Help Farming Efforts

Farmers say housing insecurity threatens their ability to retain employees and makes it difficult to ramp up production.

‘Fake Farms’ Are Squeezing Out Serious Agriculture Potential In Hawaii

Some developers have turned acreage earmarked for farming into high-end luxury homes with high prices and restrictions on what the land can be used for.

Made In Hawaii? This Innovative Startup Can Help You Promote Your Product

When the pandemic hit, the start-up ditched its hospitality-focused components and zeroed in on a goal to help Hawaii food entrepreneurs reach a larger audience.

Fewer Farmers Are Growing Hawaii’s ‘Miracle Food’ Taro Despite Growing Demand

Growing, cultivating and cooking the starchy root vegetable, which is used to make poi, is hard work that’s not always profitable.

This Program Helped Big Island Farmers And Families. Now It’s Out Of Cash

Federal funding and private donations helped support local food producers and feed thousands of local families during the pandemic.

Hawaii Farmers Need Land. State Efforts To Help Aren’t Working

Providing small farmers land is key to producing more local food, but the state’s go-to model isn’t moving the needle.

Big Island Finfish Farm Hopes To Lead The Way In Sustainable Aquaculture

Blue Ocean Mariculture recently became the first U.S. operation certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council.

Hawaii Farmers Need Better Data To Make Decisions

Several market analysis programs have been discontinued in the past decade, including monthly reports on Hawaii produce like bananas and papayas.

Senate Panel Kills Beef Bill

Senators were concerned the bill, aimed at keeping one company from dominating the processing industry, was unconstitutional.


Beefing Over Control Of Hawaii’s Meat Processing Industry

A bill scheduled to be heard Wednesday targets an investor who has gained control of 70% of Hawaii’s meat processing capacity.

These 2 Companies Are Putting Big Money Into Hawaii’s Agricultural Future. Will Their Bets Pay Off?

A pair of companies backed by a billionaire and a pension fund are trying to revitalize fallow farmland in the state.

Hawaii Has A Lot Of Agricultural Land. Very Little Of It Is Used For Growing Food

The amount of land used for farming in Hawaii has shrunk dramatically since the 1930s.

Embattled Agribusiness Corporation Has Powerful Friends

Lawmakers plan to vote next week on a measure to dissolve the Agribusiness Development Corp.

Can You Make Money Being A Farmer In Hawaii? 2 Farmers Explain How They’re Doing It

It takes a lot of creativity and hard work to overcome the high cost of running a farm in the islands.

Hawaii’s Food System Is Broken. Now Is The Time To Fix It

The pandemic has exposed a critical need for Hawaii to resolve the many challenges keeping the islands — with our fertile lands and ideal climate — from growing much more of our own food.